Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Man Cave...

...I introduced the term Man Cave to my soon to be husband and he fell in love with the idea. Being that he was moving in to my, in his words "girliefied" house, with myself and my female dog, he was looking for an escape where it would be nice and manly. I kindly responded with a nice option, take the unfinished part of the basement and make your Man Cave. Here is a picture of the Man Cave:

The blue blob is actually a mattress but its turned sideways right now.

He has an entertainment center with a small tv and stereo. Take note, he shares his space with my scrapbooking table and dogs...yes, I said dogs. In the making of the Man Cave, he felt he should get a male dog so we now have Shadow, a three year old 100 pound black lab who is a garbage disposal.
Speaking of our dogs, here they are! Shadow, the garbage disposal and Emma, the princess:

Emma decided to help Matt and I hunt Easter eggs last weekend:

One last thing on the Man Cave and then this blog is done. Matthew's birthday is this Wednesday so I painted him this incense burner so it doesn't smell like dirty socks. I hope he likes it!

Okay, now I'm off to watch Vh1 Teen Stars...Where are They Now...yum...Jake Ryan!
...ok, so I'm not exactly married yet but in 196 days I will be Mrs. Groeteke! I'm very excited but today I started looking through my checklist by month and started to have a panic attack. Don't you hate when you feel like everything is under control and you have your ducks in a row and then it just hits you-you have a million and one things to do and, in my case, the wedding is only 196 days away! So since I was panic stricken, what did I do? Work on wedding stuff? Of course not! I started a blog!

To explain the name of the blog...Matthew, my FI (that one's for you Kristal) gets mad at me because he'll be in the other room watching tv and I'm in the other room on the computer. So to settle this dispute, I'm getting a laptop!!! It should be coming in the mail next week. Lucky boy, now he won't be able to escape me not even in the Man Cave he's created (my next post will be about the Man Cave so I can attempt to post pictures). Now that we'll be in the same room watching the man channels which consist of hunting, sci-fi or war, I figured I should find something to do on my new laptop and that my friends is how "My Husband's Watching TV..." came about! Happy Blogging!