Crossing the Finish Line

After I was suddenly faced with infertility and that feeling of no control, I turned to running. I wanted to be in control of something. I needed to show myself I could do something I once thought unimaginable so I started training for my first half-marathon, Hospital Hill Run.
This goal was set by me, a non-runner, someone who despised the thought of a 5k but here I was setting out to run 13.1 miles! Luckily, I had awesome support with my co-workers, families and friends who ran with me, encouraged me, yelled at me and told me never to give up. I also found the social fitness website dailymile where I found a TON of online support and my pacer for my first half-marathon. A total stranger, who was used to running ultras, was willing to sacrifice her own race to ensure that I crossed the finish line.

On the morning of race day, I wandered around the start line looking for my running pal Sherrie. She was ah-ma-zing! She kept us on track for finishing at my goal time, she walked when I needed to walk and, most importantly, her husband trained my hubby how to be an awesome water boy. I strongly believe that people come into your life exactly when you need them. Sherrie was there for me that entire race and then six months later, she drove across the state to run my first marathon with me. Words cannot describe how much Sherrie means to me or the impact she had on me during that time of my life. I love you, Sherrie!
I love race day! I get goosebumps and tears in my eyes and the high of completing the race stays around for days. The feeling of completing a race you've trained a LOOOONG time for is the best.
I'm also a little bit of a celebrity at Hospital Hill Run! ;-) I loved the race so much after my first year that I became an ambassador for the race. Therefore, my favorite race director, decided to make me the poster child of the race...seriously, the poster child.
My wonderful water boy! I love seeing his face on the course with a cold orange Gatorade in one hand and a wet towel in the other. He's seriously the best and knows my favorite post race extra large Elvis Pretzely!
Sherrie's not my only online running buddy that I've ran with IRL. I met my good friend, MB, on dailymile as well. A few of us from MO decided to run the Indy Mini Marathon in May 2011. It was quite the adventure just to get to the starting line but we eventually made it there and MB stayed by my side the entire race. I love this lady, too, and I look forward to the next time we run together.
I ran my first marathon in October 2010. I knew I had to do it for me and for the baby I so desperately wanted. I had to tell myself that I could handle anything I put my mind to. Again, Sherrie stayed by my side the entire time and I finished! I swore I wouldn't do it again but if the day comes that I have the time to train smart, then I think I could be talked into doing it.

The quote that got me through all my training, "There are days that I don't think I can run a marathon. Then there's a lifetime knowing I have." Lifetime, baby, lifetime!
I'm a strong believer in supporting other runners. Even if I'm not in a race, I try to get out there to cheer on the others that have put in the time and effort to cross the finish line.
I'm also kind of cheap. While I would LOVE to have a Garmin, I haven't bought one yet so I rely on my "Poor Man's Garmin:" wristwatch with key points during my run and goal pace written on my hand!
Since I had AR, I've been struggling to get the weight off and get back to running. I have the desire back in me to run so hopefully we're on track to stick with running again! Feel free to send me some encouragement to keep me motivated and going strong.
2014 Races
April 2014-St. Charles Community College 10k
August 2014-Alligator's Creek Team Triathlon

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