Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday afternoon...

...and I'm stuck inside. Random things keep popping into my head....1. Brandy's song "Sittin' Up in my Room" 2. Sitting in my grandma's room watching movies she always had for us

See...aren't they random? So the wedding workout...its going...I'm sticking to the food situation very well, the walking well, I went every day last week except two, but here's the deal it's been in the 90's this week which makes if very hard to do. I am just wishing and praying that I can lose the 10 pounds to get into that dress. The seamstress called and she can only let it out ONE INCH!!! I'm really starting to stress about this...I'm so ready to be Mrs. Groeteke and done with this wedding. I thought people were supposed to look forward to the wedding, everyone else is except me because I'm the only one under the pressure. Matthew doesn't have a thing to worry about...he bought the ring and is done with his part. Everyone else's dresses fit perfect...I'm stuck trying to make everything fall into place and have a flippin' dress fit! I wish Matthew had just listened to me when I said let's go away and get married!!!'s to minus ten pounds!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wedding Workout...

...okay, so I totally HAVE to lose like 10 pounds before the middle of September so that I can HOPEFULLY not have to pay a million dollars to alter a dress that I KNOW fits. So here's my Wedding what I eat...all water, no beer, no snacks or sweets...just stuff from the ground. THEN the workout part...I'm going to alternate walking each dog every day to the post office which is about a mile away and mail one invitation a day! Doesn't that sound like fun? I have two showers in August so I can walk to the post office to mail the thank you notes. So that's my exciting Wedding Workout...wish me luck!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Floatin'.... the right, floatin' to the left! So Matt and I just got home from our annual float trip with the gang from KC. As always it was one CRAZY weekend. So Matt and I are trying to leave on Friday night when we get about 20 minutes down the road and his truck starts acting up so we had to go home and trade out cars. We finally get down there and are about 5 miles from the turnoff when this black animal runs in front of us...I swear it was a cat but Matt said it was a mink (I think he was just trying to make me feel better). So I made him pull over cause I'm freakin' out so that I could call my dad...I just had this feeling something bad was going to happen. So I talk to him and feel a little better, we go on to the campsite and pull up. Nicole comes over to say hi to us and her husband, Jason, is talking to this group of girls that snuck into the side of the campsite, where Matt and I were supposed to set up, and they started setting up tents. Nicole gives us hugs and hellos and then the girl smarts off and starts cussing at Jason. Nicole is like, excuse me, goes over and tells the girl not to talk to her husband that way. The girl gets up...I mean chest to chest, and then shines the flashlight in her face. Nicole is like, Back up and get that light out of my face! The girl is like yeah, what are you going to do about it. I look away for seriously a split second to look at Matt and turn back around and these girls and Nicole are RUMBLING in the ditch. That girl hit Nicole in the face with that flashlight! It was drama, the cops came, they thought Nicole had broke her nose and the most important thing, we got our campsite! Nic is okay and it turned out being fun but it was a crazy start to an even crazier weekend!

With all the rain and flooding, the current was so fast! There was a group there from Missouri Western that we kept running into on the river and their dogs kept trying to get in our canoes. We were almost done with the float when I was on a different bank then the rest of the gang. Nicole was like I'll come get you. So she walked over and I followed back. Well, I had a water in one hand and a beer in the other, stepped on the most slippery log ever and totally faceplanted into the river, face first! So I have a giant gash/bruise on my right chin, a huge bruise on my inner bicep where Nicole tried to save me and cut up knees. It was hilarious!

So it was a pretty entertaining, fun, crazy weekend which is what we always expect float trips to be! That gang from KC are like gourmet chefs. Matt and I brought hot dogs and chips for dinner but they filled us up with kabobs, BBQ, smores and so much more! It was like 9:30pm and I was fighting to stay awake. Nic was like go to bed and as my eyelids are shutting, I'm like no I'm okay. Saturday night was the night of snorers...I think every other person at the campsite was snoring! So once again, we had a great time floatin' to the right and floatin' to the's to next year!