Sunday, February 14, 2016

You're the Balm Valentine's WIN!

Rarely do I ever see something on Pinterested and think "nailed it!" However, this year for AR's classroom/friend Valentine's.... BOOM-nailed it! This was so easy thanks to Five Little Chefs free printable.

When it comes to classroom treats, I try to stay away from candy and boring. Last year, I tried Play-Doh=fail! This year, AR is obsessed with lip balm so I asked a few of the boys at the sitter if they would like it. After a unanimous decision from the boys, I hunted for lip balm Valentine's and found this little gem. It's all the more perfect if you know me in person because I'm constantly saying, "You're the bomb!" or "BOMB.COM!" Of course, the majority of those receiving this will have no clue what it means. Anyway, here is AR with the finished product:

All I did was open the printable and print on cardstock. I used an Exacto knife and a cutting board to make slits for the ribbon. Then I pulled the ribbon through each slit, AR cut the ribbon then held the lip balm in place for me, and then I tied it tight so it'd stay in place. I printed labels that said, "Happy Valentine's Day Love, AR" and slapped them on the back with AR's help. She can write her name these days but if she were to write her name on all 36 that we made, well, we should've started before Christmas! Oh, and I found the LipSmackers on Amazon in bulk.
So, Happy Valentine's, ya'll... you're the BALM!!!