Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cards' Game-The Trifecta!

Last night we went to our first game at Busch Stadium for the 2016 season. Since AR and Matt Adams have become besties over the last year, she decided she wanted to invite him to her birthday party. We worked all week on this sign then filmed this video of her with it the morning of the game. We posted it on Instagram and we actually mailed an invite to Busch Stadium for him. No, I don't think he'll really come, but it's something fun and totally out there for us to do. :-)

We loaded up with my sister and H and headed to Busch in hopes of who knows what!

We got into the stadium and found the perfect spot. We snapped this pic, posted it on IG, and sure enough, AR made the big screen!

H came and joined us so we passed the time taking selfies!

Some of the players started to come out and get warmed up. For AR to be so small, she sure has a LOUD and distinctive voice. She started yelling at Adam Wainwright and when he turned around, he glanced over at her with a smile on his face. AR waved and he waved back to her!!! That was pretty exciting itself! He finished his warm-up then headed our way. He saw our sign and he yelled at us, "I'm not Mr. Adams!" I yelled back, "We still like you, too!" He came over and took a ball from AR to sign.

Waino asked her name, she told him then he got this look on his face and looked from her to me and back to her and said, "Your name is Adam?!" I laughed and told him her real name but that other people had called her that before. He handed the ball back then H asked to get a picture with him. AR was busy looking at her ball so Mr. Wainwright said, "Take your pen back, sugar." Then he took a pic with H.

Our very own Adam Wainwright ball!

And so, Mr. Wainwright, you have gained another fan and like we promised, you'll be invited to the party next year!

Sometime in the middle of the game, AR and I got up to go to the bathroom. When we sat back down, my phone was blowing up because this little ham bone made Fox Sports!

Before the game, we saw the camera man and AR asked him if wanted to take her picture. He laughed and started filming her. It wasn't until about 20 minutes later that I saw he was with Fox Sports. She was blowing kisses and air hugging Matt Adams.

We saw Matt Adams before the game but he didn't come sign, after all, he was about to go to "work" so I don't blame him. We'll try again in a couple weeks. Of course, with a three-year-old, baseball doesn't quite hold your attention so we had more silly selfies during the game. In the 8th inning, Matt Adams hit a homerun which equals fireworks. We told AR that he did it for her and her birthday, she was thrilled!

I still don't understand what was going on with his cougar but AR was really excited to see him and asked for a pic with him, he even gave her a robotics keychain. Hey... whatever makes her happy, right?

Definitely a night to remember! I mean honestly, can it really get any better? Well, winning the game would've been awesome, but AR got Waino's autograph, made TV, and Matt Adams hit a homerun and fireworks for her! She is one lucky, little lady!!!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cardinals' Spring Training 2016

Back in March, AR, my sister, and my niece all headed to the airport bright and early before the sun was out. We were catching a plane to sunny Florida for spring break to catch our STL Cardinals at spring training. It was a great trip, hot and exhausting, but lots of baseball and fun times! We caught four Cardinals' games and hit up three different stadiums. Our first stop was Space Coast Stadium, home of the Nationals... and Bryce Harper. Here's AR yelling, "Come on, guys! You can do it, I know you can!" Poor girl was so excited for the game but exhausted for the early wake-up call and passed out for the entire game.


Here's the Cardinals' "bullpen"
Bullpen catcher, Teran, that Haley and I were buddies with


This was the inning after Gyorko passed Matt Adams running the bases. I can only imagine what they're saying here.
Oh, swoon-YADI!
A rare moment of AR loving on her Sha Sha
 Now, here's the most awesome story of the trip! Last season, AR got to meet Matt Adams before a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. My friend Laura got this great picture of them talking and Matt has a huge smile on his face. Seriously, the guy is amazing with kids. I had the picture printed in an 8x10 in hopes that we'd get him to sign it for her... and he did! This is him walking straight to her.

He took the picture and looked at it. AR informed him that it was a picture of her and him. He laughed and started to sign it but AR stopped it and asked what he was doing. Matt said, "Well, I'm going to sign it, put my name here. Is that okay?" AR thought about it then nodded and proceeded to tell him her full name... in case he wanted her to sign anything!
There she is in the pink hat watching him sign her pic.
 Ta-da! When we got back home, I bought a frame and put it in her room. The night I did it, AR came up to me with a Batman sticker and said, "Mommy, thanks for putting the Matt Adams picture in my room. You can have this sticker." She's such a sweetheart!
Haley and I went on the field one day for batting practice. That was cool to see all the players so close and the kids got a few autographs. 


AR got Jacob Wilson's autograph, who Haley is in love with!

Roger Dean Stadium, home of the Cardinals and the Marlins
Day 3 #springtraining Go @cardinals

This was at Tradition Field, home of the Mets

This was by far the hottest day if you can't tell by this picture.

We enjoyed dinner out a couple nights and ordered in a few. AR insisted on trying a lemon... bad idea, chica!

OH! Bryce Harper!

The girls got Tanner Roark's autograph from the Nationals
Although AR was much more interested in eating Pringles

All ready to get some autographs!

Another hot game day... at least I got a good tan to start the summer with!

Thank you to the Yankee fans that sat beside us and gave AR their Cardinals' popcorn helmet!
We got to meet Curtis Granderson of the Mets up close and personal thanks to his cousin, Tameka. This guy is so genuine, waves to every fan, signs at many autographs as he can, and ALWAYS has a smile on his face... with a smile that good, why wouldn't you?

My friend Laura was down there with her family. AR and TJ hit it off and were quickly best friends.
AR was in charge of the spray bottle and ice, a great job for a toddler!
Sunday was Easter and the Bunny stopped by our hotel. He did forget a basket so luckily we had that popcorn helmet to use. AR got a necklace with her name on it and that girl hasn't taken it off except for gymnastics class!

Then it was back to reality on Monday morning and a flight back to MO!