Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

...I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. From AR & I to you...HAPPY EASTER!!!



Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breakfast with the Bunny...

...this past Saturday, before the blizzard came, AR and I went to Breakfast with the Bunny. It was through my work so all the volunteers and some of the grandmas there all wanted to hold AR. She did pretty good being passed around. She found one egg, which we "hid" again for another little girl...
Then we saw the Easter Bunny!
Although she didn't smile in any of the pictures, I think she liked him. I put her on the floor and she'd crawl back to him!
Then we found the ring game...thank goodness for baby wipes!
Then we went BACK to the Bunny! She rolled around in his arms wanting to get a closer inspection.
Then we got home and just decided to be bunnies ourselves!
We've got another egg hunt this weekend with Jenni and Emma...let's hope the snow melts by then!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet Potato Cookies...

...I found a recipe on Pinterest for teething biscuits. It used rice cereal or single grain oatmeal. This seemed like a perfect way to get rid of all the oatmeal because AR doesn't eat it any more and there's a TON leftover (plus I have an entire unopened box). I followed the directions like I was supposed to but added more water because mine were really sticky. I baked and baked and baked and they never got hard like a teething biscuit is supposed to so mine ended up being sweet potato cookies instead!

Here's the recipe from the blog Imprintalish:

Homemade Teething Biscuits (or Sweet Potato Cookies)
1 cup flour
1 cup dry infant rice cereal
1 ripe medium mashed banana (1/3 cup-I have also substituted pureed carrots and sweet potato)
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 tablespoons water

Preheat oven to 425ºF / 220ºC. In a bowl, mix together flour, cereal and cinnamon. Add in oil, banana and water. Mix until dough comes together to form a firm, non-sticky dough. Add water or flour (1 tablespoon at a time) if necessary. On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out about 1/2 inch thick and cut into shapes or bars. Bake on a greased cookie sheet for 10-12 minutes, or until slightly brown. Allow to cool completely and store in an airtight container.

Matt and I both agree...bland but it's not meant for us sugar craving adults! Instead of giving AR her normal half of an Eggo for breakfast, I let her have a cookie for breakfast with her fruit. Here she is tasting it..
Hmm...that bite wasn't big enough, let me jam some more into my mouth!
AR was a big fan if you can't tell by the huge mouthfuls! I had to take it away otherwise she would shove it all in her mouth. I figure, minus the vegetable oil, they've got to be pretty healthy. We'll definitely be making these again...until we run out of baby cereal!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunny Afternoon with my Babies...

...Saturday afternoon, AR and I got out the Radio Flyer wagon that Papa gave her for Christmas. It was a warm 67 degrees out so we took the dogs in the backyard. She loved her wagon and watching her doggies play! I pulled her in circles around our yard and she just grinned the entire time.
Then we stopped to take pictures and look at this daredevil...
Yep! She's not afraid of anything, she just stood right up!
So we decided to watch the dogs play around in the backyard. They were crazy and ran in circles which made AR laugh and laugh and laugh and I got some good photos. 
Then the doggies were tired so they came over to visit AR. Here's Shad nudging her hand to get her to pet him.
Emma always wants to lick her face but doesn't really want to be petted.
Even the doggies love them some AR kisses!
We then headed inside and gave the doggies a treat. We made them do a trick for us which AR thought was hilarious!
Mommy loves her baby's blue eyes...
The silly doggies kept playing inside too which AR loved watching them.
Then Emma went to bed and said she was done playing. Whew-we were all worn out!
Then 24 hours later, this is what our yard looked like...
Didn't want to miss the boat in posting a pic of this March blizzard
Gotta love Missouri weather, right?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

10 Month Photo Shoot!!!

...10 month photo shoot! I never know what to expect from month she hates the basket and loves the bear, next month is the opposite!
Look at her showing some leg here! Maybe it's because I haven't seen much of her leg lately because of pants but I feel like this looks like a small child's leg, not a baby!
She was all smiles in the wicker basket this month...and she didn't fall out either!
Now the bear shots, well, um...she wasn't feeling it too much!
Happy 10 Months Sweet AR!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Messy Face AR...

...don't let this face fool you. "What are you talking about, Mom?"-AR
Recently, AR has become a PIG PEN when it comes to eating! She's mainly eating table food but I have some purees I made plus some jars of purees that I don't want to waste. 
Since she wants to grab and hold everything, she is very good about grabbing the spoon/jar quickly and getting just enough on her hand to make a huge mess!
This night at dinner, she got just a little bit in her hand and then literally ran her hand through her hair!
I've since learned to just strip her down before dinner and I don't even bother trying to clean her up since she has a bath shortly after dinner. This was after dinner when AR and Daddy were playing and AR took one step from her toy to my chair!
Now look at her being all prim and I said before, don't let her fool you...
AR is a pig pen!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 our house!!!

...this past Saturday, I hosted Easter at our house for my dad's side of the family. I say I because Matt was driving a float in the local St. Patrick's Day Parade for his work. To say we didn't coordinate schedules well this week would be a bit of an understatement as I had to work Saturday morning, Matt had the parade so my MIL had to be at our house at 5:45AM! Everything ended up working out so no worries though. Oh and the reason we did it early was because I was supposed to work Easter weekend but now I'm off-yah!!!
I made a ham, macaroni corn casserole and green bean casserole. Everyone RAVED about the ham and let me tell you how "hard" it was. I put 1.5 cups of brown sugar on the bottom of the crockpot then an 8 pound ham and rubbed half a cup of brown sugar all over it. Then I put it on low for about 7 hours and it was pure yumminess! Oh and 8 pounds made a lot because Matt and I are still eating off it. The rest of the grandma brought deviled eggs, ribs and tea; my sister brought hashbrown casserole and made 2 delicious desserts with Girl Scout cookies-yummy and Haley made Pasta House salad. The food was sooo good!
My MIL stayed long enough for me to make my casseroles and once my sister got there, she took over heating up all the dishes. It worked out nicely because someone is teething (top 2 teethers) so literally she would be laughing one moment and then crying the next and she only wanted momma. She was content with Papa and her Cheerios though!
We also had an egg hunt out front. As you can see, Papa and AR were smart and stayed inside to watch. 
My sis, H and Papa
Matt finally made it home in time to visit with my family before they had to leave
H hamming it up for the camera
It was a good time and easy clean-up since we used disposable cups and plates. :-) 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Miss AR is 10 Months!!!'s funny. I write these throughout the month and it's crazy how much you change in one month! For instance, I wrote "you are eating more and more solids" but really right now, that's all you eat!

*You are eating more and more solids. You always want to feed yourself. Although sometimes you're lazy and just hold your mouth open for another Cheerio. For the most part, you do pretty well about getting everything in your mouth although at times, I take your tray off your high chair and we find some food you dropped...or every now and then, a pea in your belly button!
*The last week of February, you went to Mommy's annual conference at the lake. You were such an angel the entire time. Nana watched you while Mommy attended sessions throughout the day but you joined us at night for a couple socials. You were acting bashful and hiding your face in my shoulder but once we got away from the big crowd, you were hamming it up for our table.
*That week, you didn't take a single bottle instead Nana gave you milk through a sippy cup with a straw. You did pretty well with it except the last few drops are difficult to get because the straw won't stay in the milk. The next week, you officially switched over to sippy cups only. You only take a bottle on the nights I work as your last feeding before bedtime.
*You stand on your own without holding on to anything...accidentally. Once you realize that you're standing and not holding on to anything, you start to wobble and reach out for something. You're getting much better at standing on your own and not freaking out. When you realize it, you now slowly get down to your crawl position.

*On the walking push your Pooh table all around the room "walking" behind it. Side note: you flipped the table over and broke Pooh off-poor Pooh! At first, you showed no interest in holding my hands and walking but lately you've been holding and going around the room. Daddy or Nana and I will sit with our feet together and make you "walk" to us. You do very well and even took a few "steps" aka falling into us. :-)

*I pulled out a bigger swimsuit for you to start wearing. It's a 2T but it fits great! You went swimming 3x in one week and you love it. Maybe I should invest in a pool pass this summer and we could spend our Saturdays there, hmm...
*You still love Sophie. It's funny when we go to other baby's houses and you love their Sophie too.
*You've been having more and more playdates. Nana thinks you're a bully. I think it's just because you are "ours" that we want you to be nice so we notice you take toys more often than we do the other babies. You're great at sharing with Mommy especially Cheerios aka your entire hand in my mouth to give me one. Most of your friends that come over love the same things you do...your remote and banging on the window.
*We're slowly moving out of 6-9 month clothes and into the 9-12 month clothes. It's always sad to box up clothes because I know you'll be WAY too big next year for them.
*We're working on teaching you to sign "more." Some days I think you get it and other days, you just whine until I give you more. That's also my fault because I don't do it consistently. 

Sweet AR, you are growing up so fast! It's to watch you grow and learn but at the same time, realizing you aren't my little baby anymore. No matter what though, Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know. OXXO (not the store)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

...from my leprechaun to you-HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!
Thank goodness for Cheerios during photo shoots!



Hope you have a magically delicious day!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Day in the Life of AR & Me...

...I've seen a day in the life posts and I really wanted to do one while on maternity leave but never go around to it. Since it seems that AR is changing so much and so fast, I figured I'd do a day in the life post for her at 10 goes!

5:01AM AR's alarm goes off playing "Getcha Some" by Toby Keith
5:03AM I get up, go to the bathroom then go get AR out of bed. She snuggles with me, we turn off the sound machine, turn on the light then I sit down in the glider in her room and she nurses
5:14-5:17AM Done nursing, change AR and get her dressed for the day; put her in bed with Daddy
5:17AM Mommy goes to feed and let the dogs out
5:20 AM Mommy starts to pump, Daddy & AR come in the living room. Mommy checks email/social media, Daddy watches the news and AR plays, squealing and laughing at us, pulling books off the shelf, etc...
5:40AM Mommy's done pumping, AR "helps" Mommy clean her pump parts and get milk ready for the day
5:42AM Mommy & Daddy get ready while AR plays in the mirror but once Mommy needs to brush her teeth or fix her hair, AR thinks she needs to "help" again
5:55AM Mommy lays out pump parts to dry, puts AR's socks BACK on then passes her off to Daddy so she can leave for work (on M/W AR and Daddy leave at the same time; on Tu/Th/F AR and Daddy play some more because she can't be dropped off until 6:30AM)
6:15-6:30AM Arrive at work
10:00AM Pump (on M/W I call Grandma to check in/pass time while I pump)
2:00PM Pump
4:00PM Leave work
4:15/20PM Pick up AR from Grandma's or babysitter's
4:30PM Get home, unload car, let dogs out/feed them and put sippy cups in sink to soak/wash
4:45PM Nurse AR
5:00-5:30PM Play, play, play!
5:30PM AR eats dinner, Mommy & Daddy eat too if their dinner is ready. Mommy packs lunches while AR eats and does what chores she can in the kitchen
5:50-6:15PM Play, play, play!
6:15PM Daddy gives AR bath and Mommy takes a shower
6:30PM Mommy lotions up, new diaper and jammies on AR (this has gotten much faster since AR has become a wiggly worm!)
6:35PM AR nurses
6:45PM Mommy reads to AR (right now we're reading our Bedtime Bible)
6:50PM Daddy comes in to say goodnight; Mommy & Daddy kiss then AR gives both of us kisses then Daddy does a little dance and AR laughs hysterically! Daddy gives her one more kiss then leaves
6:55PM Mommy turns on AR's sound machine, lays her down with Ms. Monkey and her camo tag blankie; says, "Night, night. Mommy loves you! I see you in the morning..." then turns off the light and shuts the door
7:00PM  Organizes living room, putting up toys, cleans up dinner, does whatever chores needs to be done, lays dinner out for the next night.
8:00PM Starts to pump. While pumping, checks social media, blogs, etc...or watches the Big Bang Theory
8:20PM Finishes pumping, clean pump parts, finish packing AR's bag for the next day, sanitize pump parts and go to love on the dogs and let them out for the night.
8:50PM Crawl in bed, asleep usually by 9:10PM

Same until 6:00AM
6:00AM Goes in basement and plays with dogs and toys there. Usually Shadow sits by the gate and AR reaches through and pets him
7:00AM Naptime
8:00AM Nurse then play until breakfast
9:00AM Breakfast (usually half an Eggo and blueberries or some other fruit)
9:30AM Play upstairs or playdate or AR & Mommy meet friends for breakfast
10:30AM Starting to get fussy so Mommy nurses AR, gives a few Cheerios, checks on dogs
11:00AM Nap
12:00PM Lunch time!
12:30-2:00PM Play, play, play! Some weekends, we'll go swimming or meet Sha/H for lunch
2:00PM Nurse then play
3:00PM Nap
4:00PM Let doggies out and play with them/in basement
4:45PM-bedtime about the same

So there you have it, a day in the life! Some days seem to fly by and other days seem to creep by. AR and I both get kind of crabby around 5ish when we're both soo ready for bed! Most days when I'm off from work during the week, I try to keep her home with me or if I go in late, I'll take her to the sitter's late or my MIL will watch her at our house. I think I've taken maybe 1-2 total days off and sent her to the sitter's. I love every sweet, precious minute I get with her and would love to have more.

Here's a pic of AR standing in her toybox the other morning when I kept her home with me for a little bit on Tuesday morning. I just love this picture of her, I think because she's standing, it makes her look so grown up! She's looking at me like, "Mom, I can't move...what am I supposed to do???"

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Dirty Thirty!!!

...I had a fantastic 30th birthday! I woke up and walked into the kitchen to be greeted by this sign that Mattie had made the night before. Then I went in the basement to let the dogs out and there was another giant sign that said, "I love you! AR"

Then we all left to start our days but stopped to get donuts together. As soon as Matt and I sat down to eat, we looke over at AR patting her hands on the high chair and we realized we were going to have to share our donuts. I tore open the glazed donut and let her eat the inside which, of course, she loved! Then I got in the car and saw a bowl of Cheerios I could have given her. Oh well, she enjoyed it and I'm sure one time won't be too bad for her.

Then I got to work and my sister & H called and serenaded me with their own song. My sister asked if I had lunch plans, which I didn't, so I met her for lunch and she gave me 30 balloons!!! What a good SIL too because she remembered Matt is allergic to latex so they were all mylar balloons. I made it home with only 1 escaping and 2 popping...not bad!

When I got back to work, the flower guy was there to deliver me THREE bouquets. A beautiful floral arrangement from my dad, 30 red roses in one and then one pink rose. I think the cards got mixed up because the card with the 30 roses said from AR and the single pink rose said Matt-oops! It was fun to tease him. :-)

I got home and Matt and I rushed to get ready. I knew we were going out but had no idea doing what. He surprised me with dinner at Dominic's in Clayton and then tickets to "Warhorse" at the Fox! He definitely did a good job making my 30th birthday memorable.

Here's AR eating dinner beside my sign as we left for the evening.
We took this pic tonight after dinner...AR and me with all the balloons, flowers and signs I got for my birthday! I felt so special and loved!!!
You all know how to make a girl feel loved! It made embracing 30 much easier. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!