Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Performance...

...on Thursday, it was the big recital for Grade School Musical!!! Haley had her one line memorized but when the time came, she got embarassed and gave it away. She did a great job!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sharpay and Coupon Help...

...on Wednesday at camp it was dress like your favorite High School Musical Character. Here is Haley dressed up like Sharpay! Think I did okay on her hair???

Wednesday night we did COUPONING!!! Here is Haley helping me organize my coupons.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week with Haley, Tuesday...

...so yesterday Haley went home after a week with her Aunt Lyssa. She was really good and only got upset once...then I got upset...Matt wasn't home much this week so I kind of know what it feels like be a single parent! One Tuesday night, we had our friends come over with their kids. Here they are in the tree house house...Nick couldn't climb up the stairs so he'd shimmy up the slide and either Haley or Nick would pull him up.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh the life...

...remember the days of bubbles and running around in your diapers! Oh that was the life! Matt and I were at a friend's house last Friday night and we were in charge of the bubble show. I wish I could go back to those easy days where the biggest problem was catching that bubble before it got to high to reach. Thanks Nick and Addie for a walk down memory lane!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Butch Night 1...

...so I promised Kristal that I would give some face time to precious Butch who is our guest this week. So night 1 about an hour or so into the visit, Butch found a new chew toy...the watermelon my dad brought us!!! He rolled it through the kitchen and into the hallway!!!

I wonder what other fun toys he'll find at our house. Have fun in Key Largo Kristal!!!

Dearest Dad...

...Happy Father's Day! You are the best. Words cannot express how much I love you, appreciate you and am truly grateful to have someone like you in my life. Poor Butchie though...always surrounded by the ladies! My sister and I are 8 years apart then in 2006 my dad got remarried and our stepsister is 8 years younger than me so the poor guy gets through with one of us then has to start all over!

Here he is with me and two friends in Atlanta on a Cardinals roatrip! It was rally cap time!

Here is he on my wedding day with me, my sis and my niece...again all girls!

And here's a picture that I doubt anyone has ever seen before. My dad and I are pretty close...from 8th grade on it was just him and me and our dog Star (female of course!!!). So while he was happy I'd found someone to share the rest of my life with and I was happy to start my life with Mattie...walking down the aisle to be "given away" by my dad was pretty hard for both of us. I promise though we were happy!!!

So thank you Butchie for being the best you could be. I think you did a great job and I love you so much!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Commercials Really Work...

...so Matt and I have been hardcore cleaning the house today (broke out the new carpet cleaner and everything!). So we've had the tv on in the background and the Domino's commercials just sounded so good! We gave in to their marketing and ordered the new bread bowls and check out what happens when you order online.

How flippin' cool is that!?! Matt is vaccuming in the hallway and I kept updating him, "They're preparing it right now!...It's in the oven!...Dustin (yes, they tell you the name of the delivery person) just left with the pizza!" The bread bowls were yummy and HUGE! I couldn't even finish mine. Anyways, I was pretty amazed by it so I thought I would share.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Calling all Couponers...

...My Memphis Mommy (AKA my sister's sister-in-law) is giving away a Couponizer here. Her site is super cute and she always has great giveaways!!!

You can check out her site for other giveaways and printable coupons!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Siting! Siting!!!

Our first official siting of tomatoes in our garden! YAH!!!

I can't wait to eat them and make yummy delicious salsa!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


...so Matt and I got a mini-vacay! We went to the lake this past weekend with my mom and her husband. We went to Lake Wappapello. The last time I went to his lake was like almost 15 years ago!!! My grandparents have a cabin there and when I was little, I used to go there ALL the time!!!

Here is a picture of their cabin. Funny how different things look when the last time you saw them, you were 10 years old!

Here is Mattie and I...I got just a little bit of sun, can you tell?

Sunday morning, Matt made his famous, delicious shipwreck (yes, I was getting yelled at for taking this picture!).

I can't really picture anyone parking their car here.

I'm ready for a real full length vacay now!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

District Deputy...

...my grandma and I (although I'm not quite active yet) are members of Eastern Star. It is part of the Masons and as I describe, it's kind of like a sorority for older women although you only have to be 18 to join. Anyways, this past year, my grandma was the District Deputy for Missouri. So Friday night, they had an entire program honoring just HER!!!

Here is my grandma with the flowers we sent her-I can't deny her, I look exactly like her. At least Matt knows what he'll be getting in 50+ years.

The theme this year was Raggedy Ann and Andy so these two little old ladies dressed up like them. "Andy" turned 96 this weekend!!! I hope I'm able to cross dress at age 96!

Turns out little Miss Hay Hay has a deathly fear of any dress up people including Raggedy Ann and Andy. I've seen this child throw tantrums before but when Ann and Andy walked in she was screaming for her life!!! Matt was her hero protecting and shielding her from them. Here she is with Hero Matt.

Congrats Grandma!!! We love you!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Freaky Deaky...

...so I open up my Internet this morning and Yahoo greets me with this story. To summarize, this lady, Danielle, has a blog similiar to all of ours and had posted her family's Christmas card photo. Totally random, her college friend was in Prague and saw a picture of this lady's family in an ad for a grocery store! The friend takes pictures and sends it to Danielle. Sure enough, it was her fam! Turns out the grocery store saw the picture online and decided to use it!!! This kind of reminds me of the story Angie posted. To make it even weirder, this family used to be members where I work at!!! I swear everyone is separated by 7 degrees because now you all are a degree closer to the story too! Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Study time...

...so Matt has started his summer class and its an online class. It's pretty tough and a lot of work! So Shadow decided to help him out while Matt started his quiz for tonight...as you can see Shadow wasn't much help.

On another note, Shadow...he has learned how to open the gate in the backyard. He's gotten out twice this week and we've got him no problem. Yesterday, I told Matt we don't need to leave them in the backyard anymore until we can get the gate fixed. Like any loving husband, he didn't listen and I come home from work to see Emma standing in the driveway and the gate open (what a good dog Emma!). I throw the car into park and I'm about to run inside to see if Shadow was inside when this lady in a van pulls up and yells, "Do you have a big black dog?" I say yes and she she's, "Here's over here!" I think she means between our house and the neighbors then she yells again, "No in my van!" OMG!!! She opens the door and there's Shadow in the backseat with her little girl. She said she saw his tag but it didn't have an address on it so she was going to take it to the Humane Society (why she wouldn't call the number on his tag first???). So I thank her and then brat Shadow wouldn't get out of the van! I had to grab his collar and pull him out THEN Matt shows up. Good thing my mom was here or I would have laid into him HARDCORE!!! I was so upset, why is Shadow trying to run away? We treat him well, feed him, love him, shoot-he gets more of the bed than I do!!! As I type this, he's passed out ON the couch. I'm so glad I pulled up for that lady to talk to me because I would have been freaking out if we went to search and we couldn't find him!?! But all is well that ends well...I'm headed to bed wit him and Emma for the night. Is it the weekend yet???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Raw Biscuits...

...well, if you can't tell from my lack of blogging, our household has been very busy! Between both of us working two jobs, volunteering for the fair and dealing with the stress of remodeling a second bathroom and hosting a party at our house in a couple of weeks, the stress levels have been high and the sleep has been low. For instance, I woke up on Monday morning and found this:

Yes, an opened can of biscuits with like two missing. I ask Matt why in the world did he do that!?! He thinks all day and at dinner on Monday night, he tells me he thinks he was sleep walking. So the poor guy got up to get some water, got a can of biscuits (even though we had leftover Chinese food in the fridge) and ATE two RAW biscuits!!! Wow, we are in need of a break and a vacation! Too bad we don't have either planned! Here's to a night of good sleep and no more raw biscuit eating!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Black Dress Night...

...what a night! Everyone looked great in their black dresses and the bride in all white. My shoes made it through Main Street but didn't make it to the Landing-I had to break out the flips for that. I am super pale and need a tan. I felt old old old...only three of us at the party were married and the rest were like 21 or 22 on their first bachelorette party ever!!! Here is a pic of Josie, her sis Haley and me then full length of Josie and I so you can see our shoes. OH! And a pic of my knee that I scratched in the garden right before I started to get ready and couldn't get it to stop!!!

It was a lot of fun although my husband doesn't know how to work his phone. Then I had brunch at Wine Country Gardens in Defiance with the females in Matt's fam...it was fun and delicious and we found out one of his cousin's is preggers. Then I went to a dance recital for work thinking oh I'll just hand out programs and collect money-NOT!!! Power went out for an hour! We were about to move locations then the power came back on so we had to combine the shows, people didn't get their original seats, I'm sure I'll have a million unhappy voicemails tomorrow and its week 2 of camp!!! So much for a fun, relaxing weekend! Here's to another week...I'm exhausted already!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sex and the City Shoes...

...Kristal-I know you'll love this post! Tonight I have a bachelorette party in which I am supposed to wear my best little black dress. Well, all the black dresses I have are church appropriate which therefore means they are not bachelorette party appropriate. Of course, I wait until the last minute but I found a dress at Wet Seal yesterday. Definately not oh I love it! but it does the job and doesn't make me look huge. My wardrobe is usually very tame so I thought I'd dress it up a little.

I found these Fergilicious shoes at Penney's for $24 when it was all said and done!!!

I'll post pics sometime this week of the entire outfit but I'm pretty excited!!! Now, off to work, hair appointment and Girls Night Out!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Baseball Fever...

...so last night, my friend Josie and I went to the Cards v. Reds game. They won, Pu-Bear hit a homerun, it was a perfect night for baseball-just wish I didn't have responsibilities today so we could have hung around after the game.

Here we are...proof to our hubs that we were really there.

Finally score! GO CARDS!

I apologize for the lack of blogging and this short little post but summer is my crazy, busy, stressful time so this is taking up about all the free time I have this morning! Happy Friday everyone! One week of camp done-woohoo!!!