Friday, September 26, 2014

EB & Ryan Get Married!!!

...Last weekend was my SIL's wedding and yes, it's taken me a week to recover so I'm just now getting around to posting about it. I had to get my hair done at 10 so I thought AR and I had all kinds of time to get stuff done before that...I was sooo wrong! The morning flew by and before I knew it, we were at EB's for lunch and make-up!

The bride with her make-up all done and ready to head to the farm!

My MIL met me at the salon and we traded off with AR. Here they are cheesing!

EB was diagonal from me getting her hair done. I love the braid and flowers!

Back at EB's house, AR got into my (very small) make-up bag and found this brush. Apparently you can put blush on your legs too!

Miss Tori, the make-up artist, glammed AR up with some lip gloss. Tori's mom kept telling me I needed to put AR in pageants...hmm, if it pays for her college....

After hair and make-up were all done, we drove out to the family farm where the wedding was held. Here's EB with all three flowergirls.

If you can't tell, AR loved her extra layer of fabric!

She was being so goofy! Ssshhh!

I absolutely LOVE this picture...three generations of the G-Fam!

EB with her brothers

The (old) Mr. and Mrs....I'm now one of five female G-ladies...Matt's mom and grandma, his aunt, AR, and me! At least that I know of, maybe there's more extended family...

Here's AR and me, she and the other flowergirls changed out of their dresses right after the ceremony. Notes about a DSLR: You're never in any pictures because you're taking them or everyone is too scared to use your camera, that's why the only pics of me are selfies-which are not easy with a DSLR either.

AR dancing with her Daddy

The party went late into the night. AR and I retired around 9 to watch Frozen. Here's EB with her first hangover as a Mrs.

Did I mention that our dogs came too? Yep, they did! Here's AR with her Shad-dog.

And her Emma dog, too.

AR found this hat and kept saying, "I'm a cowgirl-moo!"

And she found a tiara and put it on her Emma dog so she could be a princess too!

Here are a few pics from her photographer. I didn't even know she wrote her name on the bottom of her shoes until this pic!

All the bridesmaids and the bride!

Boots! Side note: Matt gave me my pair of boots our first Christmas together. They were vintage ones from his aunt's shop. They'd always been way too big until post-AR, now they fit like a charm!

The boys and their my FIL in this pic (hat on).

Kisses for the bride!

The wedding, bride, groom...everything was beautiful! Have fun in Gatlinburg!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 14.2...

...Oh I forgot to mention in the last post that we all have our own custom #cakehunting shirts! They say: Prize=Pride and of course, #cakehunting! We stopped at the Cup for a cupcake break and snapped this pic of all four of us. You know what they say: The family that hunts cakes together...eats cupcakes together, too!

Cake #211 Gaslight Square

Cake #212 Gaslight Theater
Love this one of my girl and me blowing out the candle!

Cake #213 CIC/CET

Cake #214 Bevo Mill

Cake #215 Carondelet Park

Cake #216 Carondelet Historical Society

Cake #217 Feasting Fox

Cake #218 Shakespeare Glen

Cake #219 Grant's Farm
O...M...G! It took almost an HOUR to get this one! My sis dropped the three of us off. We had to stand in line, ride the slowest tram ever (which AR loved), then walk through Grant's Farm (cue I wanna ride the merry-go-round, look goat!, what's a wallaby?, Snocone!), take pic in thirty seconds, wait for tram to go back, walk through the parking lot, climb a fence, and finally get back to my sister! Seriously...

Second tram back. Is that Al Bundy behind us? Nah, but Jackie Joyner Kersee was on the tram before us.

Cake #220 Babler State Park
AR and I hit this one on the way back home. The visitors center had just closed and I had to go potty. We drove around that park forever and apparently, no one potties there. We headed home, me crossing my legs, and passed the outlet mall SO...stopped for a potty break and bought a new Vera Bradley purse-score!

Cake #221 Historic Woods Fort

Ozeri Fresko Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder...

...Ever want that fancy restaurant feel right at home? Well, if so, grab an Ozeri Fresko Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mill and Grinder! My husband was so impressed when I broke this out at dinner and asked if he wanted fresh salt/pepper with his meal...even if it was only eggs! You can adjust it so that the salt/pepper is really fine or coarse and I love that it's all in one so it saves space on the countertop. You can get your own right here on Amazon!

*I received this at no charge for my honest opinion.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 14.1...

...We were back at it #cakehunting today! We only found 19 cakes but we're in the home stretch. Two more trips, one to IL and one downtown/eastside, and we should have them all!

Cake #200 The Jewel Box

Cake #201 The Muny

Cake #202 Art Museum

Cake #203 Grand Basin Fair St. Louis

Cake #204 Forest Park Forever

Cake #205 Missouri History Museum

Cake #206 St. Louis Zoo

Cake #207 World's Fair Pavilion

Cake #208 STL Science Center Planetarium

Cake #209 Chase Park Plaza

Cake #210 Chess Center

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 13...

...Going #cakehunting this Friday so here's what we've found in the meantime!

Cake #194 Lindenwood University

Cake #195 Meramec Caverns

Cake #196 West Alton Memorial Park

Cake #197 Ameristar
This is a bonus cake meaning it's not in the original 250 list.

Cake #198 The Butterfly House

Cake #199 Busch Wildlife
Matt even got in this one...that's his shadow there to the left!

Hitting up Forest Park on Friday and then we still have a bunch of Illinois cakes to get and some random ones. Also getting the Troy one this weekend!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Danielle & John Get Married!!!

...Yesterday, a long time friend and co-worker got married and AR was one of the flower girls. We had the rehearsal Friday night and AR just wasn't feeling it walking down the aisle. She loves Mr. John though so she ran right to him for a big hug after crying the whole way down the aisle on Friday night. Uh-oh...Momma was worried for the actual wedding!

After her part of the rehearsal, we hung out in the pew with Miss Monkey and she was pretty excited about that.

On Saturday, we got to the church and she practiced going down the aisle on her own...with no one in the church and she loved it.

She was still acting a little nervous and not super smiley during pics. This was Luka, the ring bearer.

Oh and then she saw Mr. John and she was excited! She loves him!

A bag of chips and applesauce to power her up...

Well, she made it down the aisle with the two other kiddos, lip quivering, but no tears. She gave Mr. John a big hug and when he told her to go find Mom, she grinned and ran back down the aisle to where I was sitting so yah-she made it!!! Once the pressure was off, the girls had a blast running like wild women in the lobby.

We got pics with Danielle and John then headed home for a nap before the "party." When she woke up, she started crying because she wanted to go to the "birthday" so yeah, it was a birthday/wedding celebration!

Here's AR watching Mr. John dance with his mom. Seriously, she loves him and all the wedding party was so sweet and nice to her. They gave her fives and danced with her all night. Seriously, my kid was a dancing machine!

Here are the little girls dancing with the beautiful bride. I loved her dress with the lace and they took a pic of the girls under her sheer layer, hopefully it turns out cute!

Did I mention there was cake? Amazing cake actually! AR was a pretty big fan too.

I finally got a pic of AR and the bride...too bad AR's hair is out of control. Everyone kept asking me if I curled it and I was like, uh, are you crazy?! No way my child would sit still that long, all natural baby!

This is Danielle's mom, Ms. Norma. I love her! She's like the All American mom and I hope I'm like her when I grow up.

They played a slow song for the couples and I couldn't get AR off the dance floor. Of course, she didn't want to dance with me either so the boys from work came along and danced with her so she didn't have to take a break.

Lots of old friends were there (not like they're old, just have known them for awhile). Here's Amber with AR. Luckily, lots of people knew and loved her so she had plenty of people watching her, dancing with her, and sneaking her lots of popcorn. Popcorn bar=awesome!

Oh and then Mr. John danced with her and she was so excited! Anytime he walked by her or danced with her, she'd run over and find me, yelling, "Mr. John!!!"

I hired both of these girls when they were in high school and now they're both married! #wowIfeelold

AR was out on the dance floor until we left, right before ten. She only stopped for a few breaks and almost passed out on this one...

Then we got home and yeah, this is what happens when you party too hard. Of course, the shoes were twenty years old!

So a big congrats to Danielle and John. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day. It was perfect and you have such great family and friends. Here's to wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Handstand Contest!!!

...This summer, AR's gymnastics place did a Handstand Contest. You could enter as many times as you wanted and it was supposed to be on vacation or staycation like the zoo or "where ever you hang out this summer." I tried to do places we visited although some of the entries were in front of Target, QT, and other local businesses. #cakehunting really helped us get out a lot too!

It was kind of hard to do this pic because I always had to have a third person or ask someone to take our picture. I wasn't going to ask a stranger to hold my kid's feet up. Anyways, it was a fun thing to do throughout the summer. Here are the pics we submitted:

The Fountains at Crown Plaza in KC (my friend Candace helping)

Daniel Boone Home (asked a nice lady from Arkansas to take the pic)

AR at my sister's pool-AR insisted on doing the handstand on the pool rail!

#Cakehunting! Handstand at Webster Opera

Handstand under the Arch on top of a cake at Mathews Dickey Boys and Girls Club!

Lunch and handstand at Chuck-A-Burger!

One armed handstand at Lodge Des Peres Pool!

More swimming handstands at Nanny's pool!

At Skyview Drive-In

Hotel Handstand!

At the "White House"

Magic House



Matt took a pic of her doing at the fair. I text him and simply asked for "the handstand pic." This is what he sent me. :-/

St. Charles County Fair

Cape Splash