Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ben Folds Concert... Monday night, Sal-Chick and I went to the Pagent and saw Ben Folds play. He was part of Ben Folds 5...they had hits such as Brick, Kate, Army. Click on Brick and then you'll be like....OH!!! I know them!!! Anyways, they broke up and now Ben Folds is on his own. He sings You Don't Know Me and a lot of other songs. Sally loves him and was sooo excited when he came on stage. It was a good concert because it was just him and his piano. He made up random songs all night long, interacted with the crowd and it was just pretty awesome!!! I think he kind of looks like Dana Carvy.

Kate Miller-Heidke opened for him. She has this hilarious song (click here to hear it) about her ex wanting to be her friend on Facebook...I was cracking up because if you're addicted to Facebook like I am then you know how true this song is. WARNING: Do not listen to this song at work or in front of children, the F-bomb is dropped a time or two...or three. If you watch the video, I was totally surprised because she did NOT look like that at all. She kind of reminded me of Kate Winslet.

Okay, I'm sorry this post is so blah and unconnected...I'm really tired and need some sleep...I'm still recovering from this weekend and the concert. The week is halfway over!!! YAH!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Stalkers...

...we all have them, they lurk around our blogs. Here is what Blog Stalkers look like:

After our recent slumber party, I realized I have Blog Stalkers!!! It's a good feeling because sometimes you feel like you post a great post, one that everyone will have a comment on, you post leave it up one more day...nothing.

Here I thought I had only about 5-10 faithful followers that comment regularly but turns out I have more. So I'm calling all of you all you blog stalkers out there, take a few minutes, leave a comment, say hey and then head over to the other blogs you stalk and leave them some love. It will be a nice boost for us all and give us encouragement to keep blogging.

To the girls in the pic, I love you all and know I'm just busting your chops!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slumber Party...

...I just got home from a slumber party with the gals from high school and!!! I'm not used to staying up until 1am and no matter what time I go to bed, my body wants me to wake up 6am!!! It was an awesome time...good laughs, good talks, good food and, most of all, good friends!!! I won't go into all the details of the night because most of the discussion is not blog appropriate or memories from high school that brought tears to the eyes...yes, Kristal, you really said that!!! I also found out that aside from Kristal, the other girls are all dirty, little BLOG STALKERS!!! (another post on that at a later date). I will share some pictures and stories now and I hope you find them as funny as did!!!

The "gang from high school" as my dad likes to call it. From left:

Ashley-we met in Girl Scouts, Daisies to be exact and she still to this date calls my mom Ms. Vickie
Jess-(hostess with the mostess) met Jess in middle school and spent lots of time "driving around" with her (really, we just drove around but I think my date thought we were selling ourselves on the corner or something!?!)
Christina-pretty sure we met in 8th grade gym class and I'm also pretty sure that we both had some awesome bangs back then
Kristal-met in 7th grade when I asked her why she wrote "Speed" on her notebook and she pointed out where she wrote real small under it "The Movie"
Beth-met in 7th grade band (she played French horn, me tuba) but really sealed our friendship when she sent me a note with her split end taped to it

Prior to the slumber party, we had all been messaging back and forth about what kind of pizza to order which sparked a huge debate with the meat vs. veggies lovers. I brought Rotel so I made the Meat Lovers kind and the Meat Haters the morning, it was all Meat Lovers because there was hardly any left!

Jess just got married last spring. Don't ask but after dumpster diving (it was all Beth, Ash and Christina), they found leftover shower invitations so when Jess fell asleep, we posted them all over her house.

This is above the shower wall.

We also found sheets to write down our best marriage advice for the new couple. Early Sunday morning, Ashley and I completed them with quotes from the night and funny sayings. Jess-you have NO idea how many we did. I have a feeling you'll be finding those forever.
You girls are the best ever and I had a great time. Crazy how many chapters of life that we've all shared together and hopefully there are many more...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mattie Memories...

...Matt and I stayed in tonight and had an awesome dinner. We started talking about when we first started dating and I thought I'd share some of those memories...

*After our first date, I got in my car and drove ahead of him for about 5 miles. I wouldn't use my phone because I thought he'd see me and I didn't want him to think I was gabbing about him. As soon as I saw him turn behind me, I immediately called one of my girlfriends!!!

*It started snowing during one of our dates where we exchanged one of our first kisses, after Matt dropped me off at my car, he got a ticket for driving crazy because he was in such a good mood! (He told that story-not me!)

*I still remember the first time Matt farted around me (I know gross!). We'd gone to see "Blades of Glory" and on the way back to my work where my car was, he said, "Excuse me! My butt stinks!"

*We'd only been dating about a month when a giant limb fell on my house, I worked late that day and met him for dinner. When I came home, the limb was gone! He'd cut the limb down for me and didn't even say a word all throughout dinner!!!

*Our first Valentine's Day together, which was only a couple of months after we started dating, I had to work that evening (I always volunteered to work V-Day bc I was single) so Matt surprised me by taking me to breakfast. I gave him a care package of brownies and friendship bread.

*February of that year, I went to SC to suprise a lady I used to work with at her retirement party and when they asked me if I was dating anyone, I wouldn't talk about it because I didn't want to jinx it. Same thing on my birthday, I refused to take pictures with Matt because I thought if we did, we'd break up.

*When it warmed up, we decided to go running one afternoon and I could tell Matt thought my pace was slow so I told him to go ahead and take off. About 10 minutes later, he was out of breath and walking. I just laughed as I passed him by!

Just wanted to share those fun memories!!! Hope this makes you all think about your dating days...I love you Mattie!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dog Advice Needed... all know, have seen and have heard about our 100 pound black lab Shadow, right? Well, we first got him back in January 2008. When we got him, he had HORRIBLE manners!!! One of the first few weeks, we had him, we'd steamed a head of cauliflower and he got in the pot (without knocking it over) and ate the WHOLE THING!!! Another time, he ate half a cake I left cooling on the stove and don't worry, he's eaten plenty of Matt's dinners that have been left on the counter (Matt doesn't understand the concept of come-and-get it means RIGHT NOW!!!). After losing enough suppers to him, Matt and I wised up, we started putting things in the microwave or on top of it, you know, places that he couldn't reach. So after working with him for awhile, he stopped doing that, so we got brave and would leave stuff on the counter until we were done eating to put it away, all was well until last night...

...after a long hard day of work, I slaved away making meatballs (come on, meatballs aren't that hard to make...I'm just going for the dramatic effect) for some delicious meatball sandwiches. Matt calls me as he's rounding the corner and says, "Babe, I'm almost home!" I quickly make our sandwiches trying to surprise had all the fixings...cheese, marinara, a little Ranch, a little Parmesan cheese...oh they were delicious! Matt comes in and heads to the bathroom to wash his hands while I go into the other room with my dinner. Suddenly, I hear it, the paws on the counter...thud, thud..."SHADOW!!!" He comes running into the other room right away LICKING HIS LIPS!?! I run in the kitchen and see Matt's sandwich split in half with half the meatballs gone (Shadow was in for a surprise though because I put a jalapeno in some of the meatballs). I...was...devastated...Luckily, I'd made plenty of extra so Matt still got his dinner but Shadow was in trouble.

I didn't think too much about it other than he just thought the smell was so good he had to taste it. Then tonight, I made bacon and tomato biscuits (we ran out of bread because someone thought they could eat all the hoagie buns with PBJ for snacks last night and I'm NOT talking about Shadow...nudge, nudge, cough, cough-Matt). So sure enough, we sit down to eat and we hear those paws...thud, thud...I yell at him and luckily, he didn't eat anything. Then someone came over to give us a bid on our bathroom, so we just put the dogs in the bedroom and as soon as we let them out, he went straight to the counter again, this time Matt looked in the kitchen, Shadow looked at Matt, Matt looked at Shadow, Shadow knew he was in for it and took off to the basement for his cage, Matt followed him and locked him up. I cleaned up the kitchen, took a shower and went to be the good mom and let him out, he beat me upstairs and sure enough he was up on the counter again!?!

So now I'm at a loss, I have NO idea why he's doing it, I haven't changed his food or how much he's eating, I don't know if its just because the things I cooked the past two nights had strong smells as opposed to pasta and chicken that don't have strong, delicious smells like meatballs and bacon. So any and all dog owners, if you have ANY idea why he's doing this or how to cure it (although we thought it was), please leave a comment and let me know! For the meantime, I guess we'll go back to cleaning up the kitchen and dinner BEFORE we eat.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Candace's Wedding... I posted last week about our lunch date in Como. Well, it made me think back to Candace's wedding and how much fun it was so I decided to post about it. Her wedding was in July 2005 and it...was...AWESOME!!!

Here is Candace, Abra, me and Kristen being too cool for school with our shades on!

Okay, so the back story. One day back in college, I was desperately trying to get ahold of Candace (think pre-cell phone days). I tried her for about an hour with no answer. So I decided to call Chad's (her boyfriend now husband) fraternity house so I was scribbling on a pad of paper the fraternity's number, Chad's number, Chad's work number, etc...A couple of days later, Candace came over and was sitting at my desk and then she said, " you and Chad have a secret? Why do you have all his numbers written down?" It was hilarious and from that point forward, Chad and I call each other secret and joke about it. Truth though, Chad and I have kept some major secrets from Candace like when we planned her suprise birthday party!!! I love these guys!

Remember in my post about Como I said that the last time I was at Shakepeare's I was wearing a see-through shirt? Well, here's the pic to prove it and let's now look at that super short hair!

I also mentioned the girl who set her purse on a burner? Here's the prove of that picture...

So all in all Candace and Chad's wedding was awesome, they are awesome, we love hanging out with them and Candace and I have a good secret right now!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GOOOO Sharks!!!

...Saturday was Haley's first soccer game!!! Being the good aunt that I am, I made her team a sign. Here is my dad and I holding it during the game:

Here she is showing off her uniform.
Although they don't keep score, her team won and she did a great job!!! I'm sure I'll have many more games to go to!

Monday, September 21, 2009


...yes, we were stompin' grapes in the rain on Saturday at Twin Oaks Winery (where we got married)! My team did pretty bad...only 13.95 pounds of juice but my mom's team did decent with a little over 14 lbs. The boys team did awesome with over 16 pounds!!! However, the didn't make it to the finals because it was based on pounds, technique, costumes, etc...OH well! Here are some pictures of the day...

Here I am with my mom (standing up) and her friend Debbie:

Matt and I re-enacting one of our wedding photos.

The boys stompin'...the people next to them (the human grapes) won it all.

The girls stomping our little hearts out!

Needless to say, the wine was flowing freely and Sunday was a VERY rough day but we sure had fun stomping grapes!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday Night Birthday Celebration...

...Happy Birthday to Amber!!! We headed to Chili's on Friday evening to celebrate then they all went to the Toby Keith concert. I ordered the 2 for $20 which is an AWESOME deal! Matt couldn't make it do dinner so I brought his home PLUS half of mine!!!

Amber and I sipping on our Blue Smurfs-yum!

Happy birthday to Amber!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh My... I wanted to have a positive post showing and what isn't more positive than friends! Since most of your read Kristal's blog and read all about Baby G (Ashley's son), I found this picture of the three of us back in our college days (maybe slightly post college). I love these girls and its amazing how we all change so much in just a few years. One has a one year old, another has a one year old marriage and the other is about to have one of her own. You girls rock!!! Thanks for being awesome friends! See you in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Small, Little Vent...

…what a week and its only Wednesday! I’m still exhausted from the work week last week (its where we close our building to the public and do nothing but cleaning and maintenance…tons of fun, I know, don’t be jealous!) and from my super crazy busy weekend. So Monday at work, I was busy catching up on desk work from the week before and it made the day go by fast. Monday nights, Matt has class and he called me during his break upset about his test grade. First off, let me just say this, Matt and I both have very different study habits and since he’s been back in school, this is one of the things that we get in arguments about. I feel like I’m nagging him reminding him to study and denying fun stuff for study time (I seriously feel like a mom) and he, of course, gets upset with me. So his test grade got both of us upset and when he got home, it just turned into a bad argument. It’s so hard because used to when it came to studying, it was just me pushing myself but now its Matt and I can’t do anything about studying or taking test, all I can do is encourage him and be positive. At the same time though, it is really putting a strain on our relationship but I really want him to finish-he’s only two classes away from his degree that he started 5+ years ago. I know he can do it and I know he’ll be very proud of himself when he gets it done. I keep telling him, just suck it up and finish because once you’re done with these classes then you never have to take it again. Wish us luck…

So after our Monday late night argument, I head to work and clean ALL day. Seriously, everyone at my work is VERY impressed by my clean desk. I tend to be a bit of a packrat and keep EVERYTHING! For instance, when I was cleaning yesterday, I found scrap pieces of foam that I wouldn’t throw away because we could use them again for a craft project. I just had to buckle down and get rid of the stuff I hadn’t used in forever. Now I just need to go through my house and do the same thing.

So I leave work on Tuesday and head home and find the kitchen door WIDE open!?! When the door is locked and you shut the door, sometimes it bounces open so I always double check that it shuts and locks. Well, Matt was in a hurry when he left and didn’t check so the door wasn’t like a little open but ENTIRELY open!!! To top it off, there was a package sitting beside the door so I know that someone was under our carport and saw the door open. Thank goodness the postman was an honest person! I walked in the house and into the living room where our TV, DVD, Wii, laptop hang out and luckily it was all there. We both had on our wedding rings and don’t have any other jewelry of value in the house. So after a quick walk through, I ran downstairs to let the dogs out (I figured if there was anyone in the house, the dogs would protect me). All ended up being good but still, it was pretty scary for those few minutes.

After all that, I sat down and opened the mail to see that our phone bill was messed up again, so I called Matt and told him we had to go to the store to straighten it out (I couldn’t go by myself because I’m not on the account…now I am). I was on the phone last month for 45 minutes arguing about the bill and we got this extra charge again. Every month, we’ve been charged $9.99, it’s my own fault for not looking into it-I figured it was for the extra line or voicemail, I finally called last month because there was a different charge for the upgrade on Matt’s phone and it turns out that the $9.99 was a third-party advertising. What it boils down to is that we basically were paying every month to have them advertise to us through text messages!?! I was livid!!! So after 45 minutes waiting in the Sprint store, a credit to our account and directions on how to stop it, I think it should finally be done! Whew!!!

Okay, I just had to vent to get that all out there and out of my mind so I can turn this week around. I’m really looking forward to this weekend because 1. Matt doesn’t have to work ALL weekend!!! WOOHOO!!! and 2. We’re going to the winery where we got married for a Grape Stomp. Happy Hump Day everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lunch Date in Como...

...Sunday afternoon, I headed to Columbia to meet up with two of my AGD sisters for lunch at Shakespeare's Pizza! We picked Como because it was central for us all, Lauren from Jeff City, Candace from KC and me from STL. The last time that I'd eaten there was in 2005 on the day of Candace's wedding. I remember one girl had set her purse on a burner so the bottom of her purse had a burner imprint and I was wearing a see through shirt (but only in pictures-great!).

So here is Lauren, Candace and myself:

It's been a long time since we'd all gotten together so we talked about everything under the sun then headed to the mall for a little shopping. It was great to see them and we decided we were going to try to do this quarterly. Oh and, of course, the pizza was delicious although we debated whether pineapple belonged on pizza or not...its an ongoing debate with us...your thoughts???

Monday, September 14, 2009

Saturday Night=Trivia Night...

...Saturday night I went to my friend's family Trivia Night. It's actually a pretty cool idea. Her cousins put it on and all the money goes to the prizes and to rent the room so it's only $10/person because they don't make any money off of it. There were 6 teams so we had a 50/50 shot of winning money. And we won big money because we won first!?! Woohoo!!! Here is the final standings, we were I'm Still Talking (making fun of the judge at the beginning of the night). We'd guessed that we would get 71 right and we ended up getting 72 so we were really on the ball.

Here is our winning table (from left to right): Stacey, her FI Matt (whose birthday is our wedding anniversary), me who was husbandless (sorry no winnings for my Mattie), Sarah and her bf Chris
It was a fun night although I don't think I helped much. The boys carried us in the sports trivia and Stacey and Sarah in the music. This was a real pick me up from the last Trivia Night I went to where we got last place. Thanks for a fun night everyone!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pooch Plunge... was the annual Pool Paws at the O'Fallon Pool. I got up at 5am this morning and worked a garage sale for work until noon. I was super excited because someone donated a karaoke machine to camp!!! When the sale was over, I headed home and picked up Shadow then headed back to the park for him to swim.

Boy is he out of shape!!! Here he is taking a break...

Here he is swimming, look at those webbed feet! I think this dog is part duck!

Over all, he had a great time and I know he's going to sleep well tonight. Now if only he'd sleep in tomorrow instead of getting up at 6am...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Secret Obsession...

...I have a confession to make...I have an obsession. It started with our wedding. I found "G" notecards at Michael's while we were planning the wedding. Every trip I'd make, I would buy a pack and I used them as our thank you cards. But it didn't stop there, turns out that every season, Michael's get new notecards and I feel as though I MUST buy all the G ones I can find. Here is my collection thus far:

The gold letter ones didn't come from Michael's but I have 8 different styles of G notecards. But the honest truth is this is just ONE of like 5 in each style. They have 8-10 notecards in each pack. So let's say 8 times 10 times 5, well, that leaves me with about 400 G notecards...I can't help it. Every time I walk into Michael's, I feel as though it is my honorary duty to purchase G notecards for all the people whose last names start with G. I should never have to buy notecards again in my life but I'm sure when the season changes, I'll be at Michael's buying the new design and that my friends is my secret obsession.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hunting Season Begins...

...and so hunting season begins. We spent Labor Day morning out at Busch Wildlife attempting to dove hunt. We didn't see any dove but we saw one deer and two turtles. We had fun driving through the area and the doggies got to go with us.

Here is Matt and Shadow looking for dove.

Here is a picture of Emma hanging out the back of the truck. She loves the wind in her hair.

We left Busch and stopped at one of their lakes by Francis Howell HS to let the doggies cool off. They had an outdoor classroom and here's Matt and I resting in it while the doggies swam for a bit.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! Happy birthday to my dad Butchie!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Me & My Em Dog...

...are we not the cutest? This was the end of our Labor Day trip to Cape. Me and my Em dog chillin' on the couch watching a little HGTV.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Craftin' and Cookin'...

...Saturday night, I headed to my mom's house for a night of craftin' and cookin'. I can't talk too much about the craftin' part because it may or may not have been for someone who reads my blog so that will be posted later.

Here are a couple pics of all the ingredients we started with:

We made so much food. My mom likes to fill my freezer so Matt and I can just set out a pre-cooked meal and voila-dinner is served. We made manicotti, chicken parmasean, salsa steak, and chicken enchiladas. We were up until midnight cooking and designing stuff!?!
We tried out a couple dessert recipes and made delicious White Chocolate Trail Mix. This is only HALF the batch (we ran out of table space so we had to use the top of the washer):

Thanks Momma for all the delicious food!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Support Our Soliders...

...Saturday afternoon, I went to Jess' Matt's Going-Away party. He is leaving in October to defend our freedom for one year. Thank you Matt and all of our soliders for everything you do for us.

Here is Matt and Jess
Then I jumped in for a picture with the happy couple...
Be safe Matt! We'll be thinking and praying for both you and Jess. You guys are awesome!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Visit to Cape...

...Thursday night I headed down to Cape for a nice long weekend. Matt had to work and I had Friday off so I figured I'd go see the fam. Friday night we went to dinner at Ray's in Kelso, they are famous for their steak and pizza. I ordered a version of their cheeseburger pizza and it was pretty delicious!!!

My grandma, Sally, my dad and I

We had bananas foster made table side... was delicious!!!

There was so much pizza!!! My grandma and Sally split one and they had leftovers, I had leftovers and then my step-sis, Brooke, was going through recruitment at SEMO so we brought her home a pizza. Here's my dad looking like the pizza delivery man.

Saturday morning Brooke accepted a bid from Alpha Delta Pi. She's in for a ride now! Sally and my dad adopted a basset hound who doesn't like too many people. Anytime he'd come out while I was at their house, Sally would ask me to go in the bathroom/bedroom and shut the door. It was kind of funny! Saturday morning, Butchie got to go couponing with my sis, Haley, grandma and me. I was very busy while I was down there but we still had a lot of fun!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Cody!!!

...Cody is five!!! Everyone loved the frame that I made (see my post from Monday) and I even almost made his mom cry.

Here is Cody with the gift that Matt picked out-a blow up punching balloon and gloves to match. (Their grandpa got them the camo hats, they were fleece but the boys insisted on wearing them!):
Here is Cody's little brother Nick trying to get us with a crossbow and his Burger King hat on:

Happy Birthday to was an ice cream cake from Schnucks!?! And it was delicious!

Me and the birthday boy as I'm about to head out.
Happy birthday Cody! Hope you enjoy being year is kindergarten!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Starving My Husband...

...or so my co-workers think. I told them a story about how Matt came home from class and was eating a banana. I got upset because I'd bought just enough for him to have for breakfast. I also always tell them about how Matt drinks all the milk. So one of my co-workers brought in half a box of Twinkies and said to give them to Matt so he could snack on something. About four of us got a good laugh out of it, I mean tears in the eyes and doubled over. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just trying to keep us on a diet and keep food out of the house so we don't snack.

Needless to say, Mattie was pretty excited about his Twinkie when he got home from work!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baked Potato Pizza...

...yum! Hubs and I went to Pizza Street back in July and they had baked potato pizza. It was my mission to re-create it at home but I couldn't quite figure out what the sauce was. The other day, I happened to be flipping through the channels and saw the Pillsbury Bake-Off where a lady was making a loaded baked potato pizza and I figured out the sauce!!!

It was so good! The only thing was that it needed more hashbrowns and hubs said it needed more bacon. I usually have the WORST time with crust so this time, I put the crust in the oven while it preheated then when it got to 400, I took it out and put on all the toppings and I must say it turned out pretty yummo!

So all I did was use a pizza crust from the store. Then I mixed half sour cream with half ranch. I browned hashbrowns in a skillet and bacon. So the pizza went crust, sourcream/ranch mixture, hasbrowns, shredded cheese, then bacon to top it off!!! Bon appetite!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Blogger!!!

...I would appreciate it if everyone would jump over to Angie's blog and welcome her to the Blogging World! She is using her blog to promote their team, Runners 4 Luke, which is participating in the 2009 Saint Michael's Day Dash to help raise funds for Backstoppers. The 5k is on Sunday, September 27 and is the 16th birthday of her son, Luke who was killed outside the St. Louis Zoo in May 2001. I know Angie would appreciate any tips on blogging and even if you wanted to join her team to help raise funds for our community. Welcome Angie!!! Show her some love ladies!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane... this picture arrived in my inbox the other day from a cousin in Florida. In the car is my Grandpa Cotton and standing beside the car are my great-grandparents Carl and Votra.

I was lucky enough to know each of them. I wish hubs was around to meet them too. It makes me feel so good when my dad makes the comment, "Your grandpa would really like him" or "Your grandpa would love that you found someone that takes you fishing."

My great-grandpa always called me Lightnin' because I was always into something and by the time I got caught, I was on to my next mess. When we'd go to his house, I would always dance and sing in front of the tv and if I was doing it while he was watching it, he would take his cane and pull my leg to move!

Now my great-grandma always had oatmeal creme pies at her house and that is how I fell in love with them. I'd sit in the kitchen eating my pie and looking into her locked China cabinet. It was filled with figurines from all over that she collected and people brought to her. One day, I realized there was a figurine of a naked lady and I freaked out! "Grandma! You can't have that in there."

Now my grandpa Cotton, lots and LOTS of memories of him. I remember this picture of me sitting on his lap on my fifth birthday and I'm fanning out the money I got from him. I think it was five one-dollar bills but looking at that picture, you'd have thought I hit the lottery! Him, my grandma and I used to go to the lake all the time and go fishing. We'd have a system, he'd catch them, I'd reel them in and then grandma would take them off the hook. Just like today, I did not touch fish then either. We went to visit him when I had my permit so him and I took a drive around the corner. I was at a stop sign, no one was around, and I started to pull out and he started hitting his car door and screaming scaring the bejeezus out of me!!! Oooo, I was so mad at him! Right before he died, he was at the hospital in St. Louis, they discharged him real late in the afternoon and my grandma wanted to head on home. But grandpa insisted that he come and see my new house, I wasn't home because I was at work, but him, grandma and my dad came over and my dad showed them around. To this day, everytime my grandma comes over she points to where Grandpa sat and tells me how he insisted on coming to see my house because he knew I was proud of it and he was proud of me for buying a house at 22.

So there's my walk down memory lane. I miss all of them very much but I feel so blessed to have been able to share all the special moments with each of them.