Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday afternoon...

...and I'm stuck inside. Random things keep popping into my head....1. Brandy's song "Sittin' Up in my Room" 2. Sitting in my grandma's room watching movies she always had for us

See...aren't they random? So the wedding workout...its going...I'm sticking to the food situation very well, the walking well, I went every day last week except two, but here's the deal it's been in the 90's this week which makes if very hard to do. I am just wishing and praying that I can lose the 10 pounds to get into that dress. The seamstress called and she can only let it out ONE INCH!!! I'm really starting to stress about this...I'm so ready to be Mrs. Groeteke and done with this wedding. I thought people were supposed to look forward to the wedding, everyone else is except me because I'm the only one under the pressure. Matthew doesn't have a thing to worry about...he bought the ring and is done with his part. Everyone else's dresses fit perfect...I'm stuck trying to make everything fall into place and have a flippin' dress fit! I wish Matthew had just listened to me when I said let's go away and get married!!!'s to minus ten pounds!


Kristal said...

Stop freaking out! You have three months to lose 10 pounds. That is PLENTY of time. You'll pull it off, no problem.

And I know how stressful this all is, but really try to take a deep breath and enjoy it. If you need help with anything, give me a call!

Dymestl said...
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Dymestl said...

See you have to have a wedding, because I didn't. The (Groeteke) family needs a wedding. And after all isn't it all about everyone else (read with intense sarcasm).
Though I highly recommend the no stress, no wedding, route. There is something to be said for having all those pictures and memories of the event (that I don't have).