Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pomp & Circumstance...

...has played, I crossed the stage, got hooded and shook the president's hand! Friday night I graduated from Lindenwood University with my MBA. There were over 1900 names listed in the program and about 800 people that walked. By the end of the ceremony, only 400 graduates were left. People would literally walk across the stage, get their hood and walk out of the arena!?! There were also graduates on their phones-it was crazy!!!

The color of my hood was nugget or drab-doesn't that sound fabulous. Here's a picture of Matt and I. Since my hood is drab, you really can't see it too well.

After graduation, my mom, David, Matthew and I went to the casino. She gave us each $100 to gamble with. Matthew lost his in 10 minutes at Black Jack. My mom and David lost theirs but I stopped when I got to $46. I kept saying I won $46 and Matthew was getting frustrated saying no you didn't. The way I looked at it, I started with $0, got $100 and left with $46 so I won, right?

So here's to another degree and figuring out how to use it!

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