Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rub dub dub... many showers this weekend! I had two of my showers and then my friend Ashley had her baby shower! I have officially lost 12 pounds so I'm going to try on the dress this upcoming Friday(and take four hours vacay-yah!!!-half day of work!) but after this weekend, I feel like I gained it all back! However, after three showers, I only had ONE piece of cake and a few cream puffs which I left the leftovers at my dad's so I wouldn't eat the rest!

My shower on Saturday was held at the Osage Center where I used to be employed and was Employee of the Month in July 2003!!! PROOF:

My sister, grandma and Sally threw the shower. I love this picture and if you know us at all this totally shows how opposites we are:

We all took a million and one pictures BUT since most of you are my friends on Facebook and can see all the pics, I am only posting one because I feel like I look really skinny-I think its because I held my arms away from my body (thanks for the tip Mrs. KLF):

OH! and I got to touch her belly even though she hates it...come on Ash-we've been friends since KINDERGARTEN!!!

We got a Magic Bullet (I was so freakin' excited) and here's a pic of the "trial run" in Matt's words:

My second shower was this afternoon at Zion Church and was given by Matt's sister and his aunts. They did a great job! I have a ton of pictures from it but they are all of me opening presents but here's a pic of the cake:

For more pics of mine or Ashley's showers or to see what the food looked like then check out Kristal's blog.

Now on a sadder note (and I really don't want to end on a sad note but we need prayers), we just found out that our 4 year old black lab that we got in January has heartworms last Thursday. We take him in tomorrow and Tuesday for his treatment then he has to be on strict bedrest for 30 days. I never really knew much about heartworms until last Thursday and its really kind of scary because even if your dog is on preventative, its like birth control and only 99.9% effective so read up and save your dog!!!

Also, please take a look at our beautiful Shadow and say your prayers for him...he's a part of our family and we love him so much!!!

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