Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Starlet!!!

...happy birthday Starlet June, my mother-in law!!! This past Saturday, we surprised her at Balducci Winery for her, err...21st birthday! She thought it was just going to be her sister, niece and daughter but then when she arrived, I was there along with her other sister and her two daughters plus a great friend of hers. But want to know who was really surprised? All of us!!! Her sister took her to get her hair did before the lunch at the winery and Star looked like a brand new woman!!! Here she is smiling for the camera (notice the birthday plate in the lower left corner, Elizabeth had to sneak it out of the house without Star knowing so that she could have her birthday dessert on it to continue the family tradition we started this year):
Here is a picture of the whole gang, luckily a storm was passing through so it cooled everything off but it never rained on us! I told Star it didn't rain because it was her birthday, she liked that answer. Crossfire, a local STL band, was playing at the winery. I don't go to the wineries that often but I swear they are always playing no matter what winery I'm at!!! Anyways, as this picture shows, the gals got a little into the dancing and the, umm...."may pole" as we called it. It was really an awesome day because you could tell Star was shocked to see all of us there and she was just beaming the whole day, you could tell she had a fabulous day!!! So happy 21st birthday Starlet!!!


Kyla said...

How sweet!!!!

What's the birthday plate tradition!? I must have missed it!

Adie said...

Happy birthday to my BBFF's MIL! (enouch acronyms?) Looks like such a fun day!! When you come visit we must go to a winery!