Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Downtown Cape and My Family...

...last week was the end of the month and I was going through and deleting pics from my camera. I found these that I forgot to post from our weekend in Cape.

First up, the old courthouse. Minus the wires, I think this paints a good picture of the holiday time. It just feels like "home" to me.
We got to lunch early so we walked along the river (one of my favorite things to do). Here's a picture of the Emerson Bridge. Whenever I'm in Cape with one of my parents with nothing to do, I always suggest driving across the bridge...not that there's anything fun and exciting on the other side except Illinois!
Matt, me and the Mighty Mississippi
Shadie trying to get every last drop of PB...don't know WHERE he gets that from!?!
My pretty pretty princess Emma, I got lots of snuggles and cuddles with her that weekend.
And now THAT really concludes our trip to Cape!


Julie said...

Ah yes the bridge driving days. That old bridge was terribly rickety and whatnot and my roommates would cross it many times to get back to Carbondale and one would hate driving on it. The only thing on the Illinois side that was intriguing was hearing all the stories about the Purple Crackle and the interesting things that went down at that establishment.

from C to C said...

Such a good picture of you and Mattie! My mom went to school in Cape and everytime she goes back to Cape she always has to go visit the bridge.

Slamdunk said...

Our dog has only had a little PB once--I need to give him some more.

Interesting photos.

Angie said...

LOL Love giving Ginger PB, she goes crazy for it and somehow gets all of it out!