Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Activiities 2015...

...I think the name of this blog should be, where does time go??? Seriously, it's already Easter??? And here I am about a week late posting about our Easter activities. Last Saturday, we went to Breakfast with the Bunny. AR was obsessed with this hopscotch!!!

This is one of my co-workers daughters who I remember being a camper and now she's driving!!! Once again, where does time go???

AR with the bunny. Maybe I don't think he's so creepy because I know him but still...

The Mayor was there so of course AR had to go say hi!

AR's crush, John was there and he was the first person she asked to see when we arrived.

The G Gals with the Bunny

After the bunny, we went to church to practice for her big Palm Sunday singing debut. Here she is "Jumping Up & Down."

And how cool, they even got to play the bells!

Here's a video of their actual performance. If you listen closely, AR is a little late and you can hear her shout "Hosanna!"

And lots more stuff we're doing this weekend! Happy Easter!

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