Sunday, April 5, 2015

Our Holy... Cow, We're So Busy Week!!!

...This past week was spring break where I teach at which means not trying to cram two job hours into one work week. I was excited that I'd get to sleep a little later and things would be just chill... I was so wrong!!! The week ended up being crazy, insane busy. Let's start from the beginning. Monday... well, Monday was so long ago I can't even remember what we did. So moving on to Tuesday, AR had her last PAT appointment. She did fantastic and I know what we need to work on this summer (taking steps split and taking her shirt off on her own). Then she headed to the sitter's and I worked until ten. Wednesday... OMW-insane!!! Worked all day, went home, dog had accident and spent 40 minutes cleaning it up, jet to pick up AR, egg hunt, drop her off with my sister, come home, and crash. Her Aunt EB hung out with her before and after preschool on Wednesday and she always gets the cutest pics of her. Check out this one of AR and her cousin Zeus!

We went to an indoor egg hunt Wednesday night which was pretty awesome. Honestly, I think this is the first egg hunt we've ever been to. We've done Breakfast with the Bunny two years but no egg hunt. She really liked it and I'm kind of bummed that we didn't go to more but 1. I think people are incredibly rude at egg hunts 2. My child doesn't need any more candy! 3. Easter bunnies are super creepy. I'll be glad when they get out of my FB feed!

Thursday was Matt's birthday so another cray cray day of running around. I got up early to drop donuts off at his work, packed his lunch with his favorites, picked up AR from my sister, then went home to get Matt, took him to dinner at Texas Roadhouse then home and crash. AR was super excited to ride the "horse"... Daddy, not so much!

Friday I went to work, left around eleven to pick my grandma up for her last radiation treatment. We had lunch at Jilly's where we both ate our cupcakes before our meals even arrived. I got the best day to take Grandma for her treatment because she "graduated" and got to ring the bell. It was so great, all the employees signed her certificate, even the valet guy!, and then all the people in the waiting room cheered for her. Three people got to ring the bell while we were there! God is good and now we pray that the cancer stays away!

Saturday morning was no day of rest either. Luckily, we all sleep in but once we were up it was baking bunny cake, boiling eggs, and then when Daddy left for the farm, the girls turned AR's crib into a toddler bed!!! Go me, go me! My picture courtesy AR.

Okay, I had a little help transitioning the crib...

Of course, she thinks it's just a trampoline...

So far the first day went well. She woke up at 4AM because her blanket fell on the floor. I put it back on her and she went back to sleep. The next morning, she just yelled for us instead of coming in our room. I don't think she realizes she can get out yet so we'll see how long this last...

What do you know, Sunday morning the Easter Bunny had hid all our eggs! She was more into pointing them all out vs actually picking them up.

Daddy had to walk around with her too.

Ta-da! Got eggs... and a belly shirt!

After the egg hunt, her and Daddy explored her Easter basket which was really everything she'd already gotten thrown into one plus a few extras that Momma Bunny put in there like a Frozen reading book and sidewalk chalk.

This is my monster requesting to use my DSLR to take a picture

AR with all her eggs

Easter Family Pic 2015

Someone wanted no part of being in the family pic at first but hey, got a good one of the hubs and me!

How fantastic is this picture... I'm actually kind of in love with it!

And because no one ever offers to take a pic of Momma and her girl, a selfie of the two of us!

My gorgeous little girl who is beautiful both on the inside and out. God is good! Happy Easter!


Julie said...

Like I commented on other media for you, what a great day to ring the bell. What a great celebration :)

Hilary said...

1. Her hair is so gorgeous!
2. We have that crib!
3. What is PAT?