Friday, June 12, 2015

Foto Friday!!!

...Here are a few random photos AKA photo dump!

We went to my dad's a couple weekends ago. H wanted to drive my car into the garage and ugh, she really looks like she could be old enough to drive!
#Hfieldroadtrip made it to Cape safely, she only drove in the driveway!
While we were in Cape, we went to our second cousins' dance recital. Here's a pic of H, AR, and their cousins.
Great job dancing today!!! #cousins
We also had the last of AR's third birthday celebration. She requested popsicles for her birthday treat... ask and you shall receive!
Birthday Popsicles at Papa's! #ARturnsthree #lovemyAR
Last week some of Matt's friends had their daughter. They have always been good friends to us thoughout all the hardships we've had over the years and were one of two of our friends that visited us in the hospital when AR was born. We loaded up with some hand-me-downs of AR's and some new outfits that AR helped me pick out and went to visit. On the way there, AR was so sweet and said, "Mommy, maybe when Baby King is bigger, her mommy will let me hold her." When we arrived, Julie asked her right away if AR wanted to hold her and she was so excited, just check out that smile on her face! Welcome to the world Baby Lillian! When we were driving home, AR said to me, "Mommy, maybe next time we see Baby King, I can hold her by myself and you won't sit by me." Umm... we'll see about that...
AR was so excited she got to hold Baby King! Welcome to the world Lillian!
Last weekend I bought a huge watermelon and we cut it up outside on Saturday afternoon. I swear this child was eating it as fast as I was cutting it. We pureed a few pieces and put them in our new popsicle molds and she drank the juice that was left over. This girl LOVES her watermelon!
Nothing says summer like watermelon in your little bitty yellow polka dot bikini! #lovemyAR


Hilary said...

Hah - love that last picture. :-)

Julie said...

I don't blame her, watermelon is awesome!