Friday, July 10, 2015

Roadtrip to KY, OH, IN...

...Geez, it feels like forever ago but really it was just a couple weeks that my sis and I loaded up our daughters and headed to Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and maybe a few other states for tons of fun! It was just a fun weekend, roadtrip that included a LOT of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on Amazon Prime.
Day 1 #Louisville starting with braiding hair and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
First stop, Louisville Slugger Factory!!! AR was less than impressed with the tour but she loved swinging the bat around that she got. We found all our favorite Cardinals' players signatures, too!
Hey @maryschlessgage look whose signature we found on the wall at #Louisville slugger!

#Louisville Slugger Tour!
We were planning on going to Churchill Downs for a tour then on a whim decided to go to the actual horse races instead. My sister made a few bets and when I saw the line-up, I said I'd bet on My Gray Lady so we did... and we won!!!! A whopping $9!!!
Place your bets! #ChurchillDowns #Louisville
We had dinner at the most amazing place called Mark's Feed Store. I'll tell you, I wasn't a fan of their bbq sauces but their onion straws and fried pickles were delish! What really made it great though was our server, Tyler. The guy was on top of it and super laid back yet quick... I mean, it's really hard to find good service any more and this guy was AWESOME!!!
Acting like a pig while waiting for dinner at Mark's Feed Store #yum #Louisville
Oh, did I mention that Louisville has #horsehunting??? So we found a few of those...
#cakehunting was so last year, this summer we're on to #horsehunting #Louisville

#horsehunting #Louisville

One more #horsehunting #Louisville
And this year, the #ASG is in Cincinnati, Ohio so we made a day trip there to go #mustachehunting
Day trip to #Cincinnati for @mlb #mustacheshunting
This is the Cincy Museum, we stopped to go to the bathroom and gave our opinion on the new towel dispensers. I tweeted them and they thanked me for washing my hands!
Another 'stache! #asg mustacheshunting #Cincinnati @cincymuseum
We ate lunch across from the stadium and snapped these awesome pics. It was super windy!
Goodbye #Cincinnati ! Thanks for the fun day #mustacheshunting #ASG

#Cincinnati Day trip!
We drove back to Louisville that afternoon and headed to the Science Center, it's only $5 after 5PM. AR and H both really enjoyed it!
Kentucky Science Center

Mini mirrors at Kentucky Science Center #Louisville
On the way home, we stopped in Santa Claus, Indiana and AR got to visit with 'ole Kris Kringle who she kept saying, "That's funny, Santa Claus!"
Quick stop before we get back to MO #SantaClaus
We returned home to tornadoes!!! Overall, great trip!

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