Sunday, July 12, 2015

Slide the City STL...

...Well, I did it. At thirty-two years of age, I survived a slip-n-slide the length of three football fields. Friday afternoon, I went to packet pick-up, along with the majority of other sliders and waited 1.5 hours to get my stuff. I have to admit that I didn't have high hopes for the actual event after waiting in line that long already but hey, I got this sweet hat!
1.5 hours in line, 2 new friends, 4 packets and we're ready for @slidethecity
We had Unlimited passes so we got dufflebags, shirts, hats, tubes, and mouthguards.
Got our swag for @slidethecity now we wait until tomorrow to slide!!!
AR was bummed she didn't get to go but she really enjoyed the stuff that came with it!
Guaranteed cutest slider get-up!!! Now off to blow up four rafts!!! @slidethecity
We met up early and arrived about 45 minutes before it started. We ended up being the first in line and there was TONS of close and free parking! #winning

But being first in line really wasn't as awesome as it sounded. They only turned on the water a few minutes before sliding started and our lane wasn't getting any water flow!!! No one was around so we took matters into our own hands and managed to get some water doing down our slide.

Then it was time to takeoff... meaning I scooted, stand, run, jump, scoot some more, kick water across the slide, repeat the entire way down. You've definitely got to get your weight at the front of your tube and your feet up.
The second time down was much better, especially if you had a "helper" push you. We used baby oil on the bottom of our tubes but I'd recommend tear-free baby shampoo, does the same thing and eliminates the tears. It was definitely an arm workout that's for sure! We were given round tubes but I'd recommend a rectangle one so you don't have to figure out how to evenly balance all your body weight.
@slidethecity twice already and my arms are tired!!!
We managed to ride down four times in about two hours but around 11AM, when the event was originally scheduled to start, the line started getting longer so we peaced out. Not sure if I'd do it again, but hey, it's something different and fun and now I can mark it off my list! 


Jen at And Hattie Makes Three said...

I should have just gone with you!

g&D trailers said...

Love this!! It looks like a lot of fun, but a workout at the same time. You just might be sore tomorrow. Really cute pics, too.

Hilary said...

That's awesome! We don't have any hills, unless you count an overpass, lol.

Julie said...

You doing the ofallon one too?