Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DIY Measuring Stick

About a month ago, I got my weekly email from Baby Center. The topic was how quickly your kids grow and that you should be charting it. I saved it in my inbox, telling myself tonight I'll measure her... and then I'd forget. Well, last week, I hopped on Pinterest which I really haven't been on lately at all and this bad boy showed up on my screen: 30 Minute Wooden Growth Chart.
It was perfect because it's a movable piece that you can take with you if you move and it doesn't take up a ton of space. As always, I was leery because my Pinterest projects typically turn out to be Pinterest fail but not this time! It was almost too easy!

So, first things first, here are the supplies needed:
6 ft fence post (unless you think your child will be taller than that, no way my kiddo will!)
Two colors paint
Tape measure
Number Stencils

Step 1: I went to Lowe's and got a fence post and two containers of light blue mis-tinted paint for $3.50. I had some pink paint left over from AR's lemonade stand. I did spend $8 on number stencils but plan on using those on other projects in the future.

Step 2: I sanded my board a little then put on the first coat of blue. I let dry then flipped it over and did the other side, including the edges. I tried to make it look distressed with some white paint but honestly, I can't really tell the difference.

Step 3: Laid measuring tape the length of the board. Used a ruler to mark off the inch marks with a Sharpie.

Step 4: Used my new, handy number stencils and painted the numbers on with pink paint.

Step 5: Measure my kiddo!

I let her write her own name because I thought that would be a fun progression as well to see her handwriting and height change. 

Seriously, this was so easy!!! So random thoughts on the project:

1. Should I stain the board? No because I'll be updating it with AR's measurements. Maybe once she stops growing I could. Thought it might be cute to display in the yard when she's done growing... I'll rethink that in about twenty years.

2. You could do this double sided if you had two kids to save space.

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