Saturday, January 16, 2016

Straight from the mouth of AR...

...I need to document the words that my three-year-old actually says. I will warn you most of these reflect my "awesome" parenting and are probably TMI but they're also hilarious at the same time!

*Any time I'm getting dressed, AR looks at me and says, "Mommy, you're sexy." Umm... thanks?

*After swim lessons she says she has to go potty. She sits down and informs me she has to poop. While making the strain face, she looks at me and says, "Oh... I think I just started my period." Apparently, I may have said that loud enough for her to hear.

*A motorcycle drives by and AR points it out. I tell her motorcycles are dangerous and for big boys. She says, "When I grow up, I'll ride a motorcycle because I'll be a big boy and have a penis!"

*At her church preschool during lunch, "Hey Miss Kim, my daddy drinks beer!"

*She found my breast bump parts the other day and walked over with one in her mouth THEN asked what it was. Ever since, she holds it to her boob and tries to feed her baby.

*In December, my stepdad was watching AR while my mom ran to get gas. AR had to go potty then asked him to help her wipe. David was standing there saying that he didn't know how. Then AR informed him, "Mommy says front to back, front to back!"

*AR stomps out of her room and goes to Matt, "Daddy, you woke everyone up, even monkey!"
Matt: "No, I didn't, I heard monkey in there talking."
AR: "No you didn't because monkeys don't talk!" *flings her monkey into her bedroom*

Gah, I love this kid!!!

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