Monday, June 13, 2016

Hazelbaker the Cupcake Maker

What I thought was going to be a laidback Monday evening turned into an evening full of excitement! My friend Laura, who lives in Cape, texted my sister and I that Cardinals outfielder Jeremy Hazelbaker was going to be signing at Rally House in Brentwood. Ever since AR saw Hazelbaker at spring training, she has called him Hazelbaker the Cupcake Maker and when he's up to bat at Busch Stadium, she always yells at him to ask, "Do you bake cupcakes?"

This past weekend, my sister saw him in Pittsburgh and told him about AR and her cupcake question so when Laura text us about his signing, my sis said she'd grab the cupcakes and meet us there. As soon as AR set them down in front of him, he immediately recalled the conversation with my sis. AR kind of froze up and he had to kind of coax the cupcake maker part out of her. Then when we snapped this pic, he asked someone to take a picture on his phone, too!

He signed a ball and a picture for her then we put the stuff in the car and came back in to look around. As we were looking at visors, he came up and admitted that he had a sweet tooth. Our convo:

Hazelbaker: Yeah, I've got a sweet tooth.

Me: Only on your cheat days though, right?

Hazelbaker: Every day's a cheat day.

Me: Yeah, me, too.

Somehow it came up in conversation what part of town he lived in and I told him about a cupcake place close to him.

Me to AR: Remember that place? We met Mary Poppins there a few summers ago. *I turn to Hazelbaker* Mary Poppins, Hazelbaker... you know, I'm sure they'd love to have you sign there, too!

He laughed and then some more people came in to get autographs so we bought a visor and he went back to signing. The store gave us another photo of him so AR went up to have it signed. Their convo:

AR: Can you sign this for my sister, Haley?

Hazelbaker: Sure, I can sign it for your sister. Where should I sign? *they have a discussion deciding where to sign* Think I should put her name on there?

AR: Yeah, it's Haley.

Hazelbaker: How do you spell that? H-A-L-E-Y?

I nod to AR who looks at Hazelbaker: Pft! That was easy!

Hazelbaker, laughing: Yeah, it was. I shouldn't have even asked.

AR: Thanks for keeping me up past my bedtime.

Hazelbaker: Oh, are you supposed to be in bed?

AR nods

Hazelbaker: Aw... I like it!

Then we thanked him and told him good luck with the season. I posted this pic on IG:
AR finally got to meet Hazelbaker the Cupcake Maker as she calls him. She even took him some @jillyscupcake for his sweet tooth! Thanks for being awesome @j_hazelbaker to your biggest little fan! #stlcards #cardsfangram #lovemyAR #summer #hazelbakerthecup

And as if the evening was already awesome enough... HE LIKED OUR PHOTO!!!

Thank you, Hazelbaker the Cupcake Maker, for your time and making this little girl's night. You have a new fan for life now!!! And then he posted this on his Instagram page and AR is even more in love with #hazelbakerthecupcakemaker


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