Sunday, November 13, 2016

I'm back!!!

Hey all! I'm back and I'm sure you've noticed a few changes to the blog. New layout, new pictures, oh and yeah, I got divorced. It's been a long year of eye opening experiences and changes but so far, everything has been for the better. Most days are pretty good but there are some days or stretches of times that I really struggle with all the change in my life. I promise I'll do a post on it sooner than later but feel free to ask any questions.

I'd been debating about whether or not to get back into blogging. Last Wednesday, Jenni from The Average Momma invited me to a viewing of the new Brad Pitt movie along with some other bloggers. I decided that night that I needed to get back into blogging. Not because of the free stuff, that's just an awesome bonus, but because that's where I started. When I moved to STL, I barely knew anyone and started up this blog. Some of my best friends, women that have seen me through marathons, fertility treatments, pregnancy, and even my divorce, have been women that I met through blogging. On the days that I don't have AR, I struggle the most with staying busy so hopefully going back to my blog roots will get me back to a better place so I can keep being the momma my girl needs me to be.

So I think this picture pretty much can summarize... WE'RE BACK!!!
Feel free to read back as I did so some posting while I was radio silent. 


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Cecilia said...

Love you and so happy to see you back, girl!!

Sara McCarty said...

Welcome back Alyssa!! I'm so glad you're getting back into blogging. I've missed you and that sweet AR! Sorry to hear about the divorce, but sometimes those things can be a blessing in disguise. Hope we can all get together sometime soon and catch up! Mwah!