Wednesday, February 15, 2017

AR's Super Awesome Valentine's Day Party

Today was the last and final party for the school year. All this Momma has to say is HALLELUJAH! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing them and looking at all the fun ideas, but it's a lot of work to get everything together and ready for the party. I spent the majority of two weekends prepping for this bad boy! Here's a run down of what all we did.

For snacks, I made love bugs out of strawberry applesauce. I also had a little candy kit together with a Minute 2 Win It worksheet.


I was so super pumped about the Minute 2 Win It worksheet, which you can download for free here. Then I got to class and Mrs. R told me that the kids can't have M&Ms because it's a potential allergen. None of the kids in her class have allergies but they're super strict with the preschoolers so no fun snack activity, the kiddos just got to take them home. That was disappointing but the kids didn't know any different. 


Now, these little love bugs...I spent the better part of a Saturday, burning off my fingertips to make these. Someone thought they were turkeys so I would recommend putting the pompoms on the antlers. I didn't because I knew the kids would look at them for about .5 seconds before tearing into them and yeah, that's what happened.


The whole clan of love bugs/turkeys watched over our kitchen for a couple weeks before the party.


Now, on to the games! We had Conversation Heart Catapults.


We had a Creation Station where the kids could build whatever they want out of heart marshmallows and toothpicks. This station ended up being a little bit messier than I anticipated so I would recommend having baby wipes nearby. Of course the kids wanted to eat the marshmallows but luckily no one did. I'd bought an extra bag so the kiddos got them after lunch later in the day.


We did a little bit of finger painting and made something for the parents. You can jump over here and download the poem for free.


I love these fingerprint poems because I remember one I did in first grade that my dad had framed. It was displayed in our living room and to this day, I have that poem memorized.


Of course a class party isn't complete without a photo booth! I always take one of each kid, edited them with a colorful border and words then print one out for each kid. When I decided to do this, I hadn't thought of it yet, but it's also helping me with our end of year present because I'm making a photobook for the teacher so now I have pictures of all the kids to include!


Another station was Musical Hearts. I found the idea here but it didn't show you what all the hearts said so here's all of mine. 


Here's AR when the music stopped, she had to do whatever was listed on the heart she was standing on.


After all the kids visited each station, we made a few love potions! This was just baking soda and red vinegar. I loved this because it fizzed out of the tube and the kids got soooo excited each time. Mrs. R even let them experiment some on their own with this later in the day during free choice because the kids had so much fun with it.


Our other love potion was slime made out of baking soda and red dish soap.


It was a great party that lasted about an hour. Then the kids handed out their Valentines to their friends. Mrs. R snapped a quick pic of me and my girl before I headed out. 


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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What a fun room mom you are :)