Saturday, February 4, 2017

Daddy~Daughter Dance 2017

Tonight's the big Daddy~Daughter Dance. AR LOVES this event and talks about it almost year round. It's been the hot topic at our house for the last month so when we woke up today, she was anxious for this evening to come. We'd laid out her dress and shoes earlier in the week and this morning I placed her daily love note on it. Starting February 1, I leave love notes for her with something that I love about her. Today's seemed appropriate "I love how you love to sing and dance!"


Right before lunch, we went to get our nails done. We've found a place that we love called Cool Nail & Spa. I went last August when they first opened and while I don't go too often, the employees always remember us and even asked about Nanny today.


After nails, we went and got her hair washed which she absolutely loves!


Then Ms. Gabi styled her hair for the big night. I met Gabi in July at the hair school and have followed her to her new studio, Studio Branca. I can't stress enough that people are placed into my life at the precise time for a specific reason. Gabi has been awesome to both AR and me!


The finished product. We decided that AR has more hair than the average person, adult or child. Gabi kept telling her she had model hair!


When we got home, we had about 2 hours before we had to finish getting ready. AR laid down in her princess chair, with her hair flipped over the end and just chilled until it was time to get ready. When we did, she transformed into a little lady! It's like she grew up from the beginning of the day.


Daddy rang the doorbell and his date walked into the living room. He'd brought her a corsage that perfectly matched her dress. Well done, Daddy.


She was pretty stoked about this and couldn't wait to get out the door to the dance.


But first we had hugs for Daddy...


And I had to snag some epic "prom" shots before they got out the door!


Nothing is more precious than this, am I right?


Oh, and of course, Momma had to snap a pic of her and her girl, too! Have a great time tonight!!!


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