Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring weather...

...finally! It's about time! Matt and I were busy (mainly him, I was just running around being his gopher) this Sunday when the spring weather finally arrived. Matt is working hard on the yard-after all, it is his profession.

We got my mom and her husband's old mower and after about an hour, we finally got it working! I wanted to mow (it was my first time...EVER) and, needless to say, I was fired after I made a giant figure eight in the yard and ruined the rows.

Matt had been working on this flower bed/flag pole thing last week and we finished it yesterday. He made the wall around it and we poured concrete for the flagpole. We now just need some dirt and flowers!

On another note, our dogs found a rabbit nest in the backyard. Here is a picture of four of them...may their brother RIP...Shadow was the murderer and Emma the accomplice.

Happy Spring!!!

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