Monday, February 23, 2009

Mardi Gras...

...Trivia Night! If you think I went downtown to freeze my tail off outside then you're crazy!!! Instead, we went to a Trivia Night...again, we didn't do so hot BUT I tore it up in round two getting 8/10!!! They listed characters from a book and you had to list the title (they were all classics). My mom, the librarian, was so proud of me when I told her that!!! Here are a couple of pics from the evening.

Here's Matt, Josie and Jenni in Mardi Gras gear!

In this pic, Matt is holding up the yummy treats I made. Oreo Truffles (or deer turds as my in-law family calls them...long story) and chocolate covered rice krispie treats. Shadow tried to eat a leftover one on Sunday snatching it right out of Matt's hand...Matt was not happy and neither was I when he volunteered me to stick my hand in his mouth to get it out! EWWW!!!

Update on the pups...first off, Emma has her head on my shoulder as I type this. She's approving everything I type. Secondly, Shadow is officially heartworm free but the little booger weights 103.5 pounds!!! So he's officially on a hardcore diet now! Matt took him to the farm this weekend and brought him home stinkin'. Well, its too cold to wash him outside and our tub isn't in the best shape right now so I was going to take him to a place where you can wash your dog. They were going to charge me $20 for ME to wash me OWN DOG!!! So I called Petco and it was $33 for THEM to wash him. He's there now...I told them good luck before I left!!!


Cecilia said...

Twenty bucks to wash your own dog??? What a rip off!!! I want to make those Oreo Truffles. They sound so tasty. Good job on getting so many answers right!! I stink at trivia.

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Looks like fun! We were with my friend Ashley at AB so we saw some of the Soulard craziness. :)