Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love me tender... the food! So we went on a roadtrip this weekend to Memphis, TN! We saw three of the four restaurants on Man vs. Food and ate at two of them.

For dinner we went to Gus' Fried Chicken. Long wait, small restaurant, yummy chicken and a bit spicy too!!!

For lunch, we went to Rendezvous...four thumbs DOWN from all of us!!! Service was horrible and the price was outrageous! I mean it was what you would pay at any restaurant for a meal but the food portions were small (probably right sized but overpriced). Don't get me wrong, my bbq sandwich was good BUT $8 for a sandwich and two bites of beans and two bites of slaw plus an extra dollar for a pickle because there was no side besides pickles that I liked...come on! (I'm not a bean or slaw person and, brace yourself, they didn't have french fries!). Chad ordered a full order of ribs for $18 and it was like a half order that you would get most places. So decent food but bad prices.

What's a trip to Memphis w/o stopping by Graceland? We didn't go in, not at $20/person...we were trying to watch our pennies, ended up watching them fly right out our wallets. So Matt tried to help me scale the wall to see the King!

Then we got home from our trip today and took the doggies for a walk since they'd been cooped up. Well, this is the aftermath of a walk post snow. Now, they are again cooped up in the basement so our entire house isn't covered in mud! Notice my jean leg...yes, Shadow was sitting and turned to run and ran smack into me hitting my bad knee that I've already had surgery on and knocking me to the ground. Then both dogs were worried about me and stepping on me with mud and Matt had to shoo them away. Then Emma ran and started play fighting with Shadow for knocking me over! Yeah Emma!

Hope everyone has a great Super Bowl Sunday!!!


LucyinStLou said...

Thanks for the restaurant reviews! We're headed through Memphis in a few weeks.

Cecilia said...

Thank you for the reviews!!! I have been thinking about surprising my hubby with a trip to Memphis.