Friday, September 7, 2012

Miss AR is 16 Weeks (or 4 Months)!!!

...well, my sweet baby is 4 months old!?! I know I say this every time but for real...where did the time go??? Unfortunately with going back to work, I have lacked taking pictures and the battery in our camera isn't working. :-( Luckily, Nana has been around taking LOTS of pictures. Next month, I should do an ongoing post so I remember everything because now it's the week of and I can't remember it all! Here goes though...

*All through the month of August, you stayed at home while I went to work. Nana, Grana or I were able to stay home with you. I LOVED this because Nana and Grana sent me pictures of you at work and I was able to call and check in with them whenever I wanted. Nana stayed with us at the house and she spoiled mommy and daddy too by cleaning the house and having dinner (and dessert!) every night! Almost every day you and Nana would be sitting on the front porch waiting for me to get off work. I loved pulling into the driveway and seeing you two. I barely had the car in park before I was out the door to get you.

The Tuesday after Labor Day, you went to the babysitter's for the first time. I guess you were anxious about it because you decided to wake up at 3am and NOT go back to sleep (first time you've ever done this too). Unfortunately, this made you pretty fussy all morning long at the babysitter's. I think that plus being some place new plus I think you may be teething made for a pretty rough morning. The sitter said after you got in a nice, long nap that you were happy and playing all afternoon. Of course, when I picked you up, you were crying and it broke my heart. I know it's just a transition time for both of us and I'm not sure who it's harder or me?

*Ever since the end of July, you have been a drooling machine and chewing on anything and everything. I think that part of your fussiness is because your gums are bothering you so I won't be surprised to see a tooth popping through sometime soon.

*Last Thursday, August 30, you rolled over...and over and over and over...You'd rolled belly to back one other time but not consistently. On Thursday, Nana called to tell me that you'd rolled from back to belly twice that morning. By the time I got home from work, Nana said that's ALL you did. And when you'd roll over, you'd be content for awhile then get bored and want us to roll you back over only so you could roll over again!

On Friday morning, I went in to wake you up. I opened up your swaddle and let you stretch. Within 2 seconds of being'd rolled over! You still do this almost every morning.

*I love hearing you laugh which you are doing more frequently now. Your cousin Haley was flapping a trash bag which made you laugh hysterically plus, as always, the dogs always crack you up!

*Daddy and I let you grasp our fingers and we'll say, "Big girls sit up!" and we help you sit up. Lately, when we say it, you'll scrunch up like you're trying to sit up yourself. In the past few days though, you go straight from sitting up to wanting to stand.

*In the evening when you start to get fussy, we'll take you outside and you immediately stop crying. Guess you're going to love the outdoors just like your daddy!

*This past Wednesday night you slept through the night but it was a one time thing.  I woke up at midnight because I heard you fuss but you never woke up. About 2am, I heard something strange on the monitor. I went in to check on you and you'd wiggled yourself sideways. You were kicking your legs and hitting the side of the crib. I gently moved you back and you briefly opened your eyes. I gave you the paci and you fell back asleep. I heard you fussing around 4 and thought, "We made it so close!" but you must've fallen back asleep because when the alarm went off at 5, you were still sleeping. Now though when you wake up, I don't feed you because I know you can make it that long without eating and you don't act hungry either. I give you your paci, ssh you and rub your belly and you're usually back asleep withint 5 minutes. I really think you'd like sleeping through the night so why don't you give it another try? It makes you and mommy both feel like rock stars the next day when you do. :-)

On to pictures, shall we?

Grana Star let you suck on a carrot one day because she thought it would help your gums...SMH. The next day Nana watched you and took this picture. She sent it to me saying you prefer Cracker Jacks over carrots.
Nana found all your bath toys and you guys decided to play with ALL of them!
Look at you, sweet baby, holding your own bottle. You do need help tipping it up but for the most part, you're doing it all on your own!
Look at those chubby legs! Chubby legs makes mommy feel good that you're getting PLENTY to eat. Mommy is contemplating when to start you on baby food. I think you're excited because you stare intently at us when we're eating.
 Look at me! I'm standing...kinda.
Happy 16 weeks Baby Girl! Momma loves you more than you'll ever know. OXXO (Not the store)


rock star pictures said...

Cute baby.

Julie said...

aww i can't believe she's 4 months already - Jen needs to have a party so we all can get caught up!

Liz said...

Happy 4 months!