Saturday, September 29, 2012

Whew! Busy Weekend!!!

...whew! AR, Emma, Nana and I have had a BUSY weekend and it's only Saturday night! Last night, my mom, AR, Emma and I headed down to the Muny for Light the Night for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My good friend, Laura, lost her mom to leukemia this past summer so we all walked in memory of her. It was a really neat event and there were lots of things to do there. Luckily, my mom came with me because I'd decided I needed to bring both my girls: AR & Emma. Here they are lovin' on each other.
 Here is me and my two good friends from high school, all of us with our daughters.
 Here's my girl and me! She was such a good girl, stayed up past her bedtime by a whole hour and wasn't a bit crabby. Of course, she slept awful but that's nothing new!
I have no idea how many people did the walk but it was such a neat thing. Everyone had balloons that lit up and we walked all around Forest Park. Well, my mom and I didn't walk the whole thing. We stopped at our car and left once everyone passed. Thank goodness because I'm sure it was a major traffic jam once everyone left. Hopefully this is a tradition AR and I will continue to do to let Linda's legacy live on.
OH! Linda's sister is a nurse at MO Bap. When we got to the event, I saw her first and said hi followed by, "The last time you saw me I was about to get an epidural!"
Then on Saturday, we had a special event at work. My mom brought AR up and an artist drew this of AR. Here she is saying, "Uh...that's supposed to be me?" Do you like how he as her sitting in what I'm guessing is a pool of pee?
She also had her foot and hand prints put on a plate, got to see a pony, saw HUGE pumpkins and heard some singers. She loved the singers and the band at the event last night. When she'd hear them, she'd start bouncing her booty to the music. I wish I could have walked around and done more with them but I had to work and it was BUSY! When I finally got home, I got this...a big hug and smile from my girl: 
Now tell me that isn't the best thing in the world to come home to! Now she's in bed and Nana, Matt and I are going to watch "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Matt and I were going to go see this on May 19 which was supposed to be the night before I was induced but instead I had a one day old baby! Thank goodness tomorrow we have a low key day to recover from the last 24 busy hours.

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Christy Duffy said...

Oh my word, that last picture is adorable! So cute!