Sunday, September 16, 2012

Runners 4 Luke 5k...

...this morning was Runners 4 Luke annual 5k. It was perfect race weather. Not only was it my first race post-pregnancy (and in over a year!) but it was AR's first 5k too! My dad, MIL, sister and H did the race too. We all walked it and brought up the end of the race but we all finished in less than an hour. Haley and I ran the last quarter of a mile and OMG-I am so out of shape! All afternoon, I've been hobbling around sore from that much activity. Hopefully it'll kick start me back into gear!

AR did awesome! I was a little worried because the race started at 8 and that's when she normally eats. We got to the race and I nursed her right before the race started. Then put her in the jogging stroller and off we went. We all took turns pushing her. I thought she'd fall asleep about halfway through but it wasn't until right before the finish line that she passed out. She was alert the whole race looking around and taking in all the outdoors (which she loves just like her daddy). Most of the people that did this race were also from Matt's church so she met LOTS of new people today too.

Here's H, AR and I under the Spencer Creek bridge about a mile and half into the race.
Papa, H and AR after the you can see, she's passed out!
The whole clan: Sha, H, Papa, Star, AR and me. We all wore shirts from races in the past and I put AR in lime green pants to match us too. A big thanks to J from work for all the 6-12 months clothes. H and I sorted them last night and she's set for the upcoming season change.
It was a great morning but now I REALLY need a nap!

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