Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Daddy, Buy Me a Deere!!!"

...Flood waters are heading towards us...again. Our friends' house flood back in '08 so they tore down their house and raised it. Now the waters are coming back and estimated to get at least 3 feet into their basement but luckily, not their main level. Matt has spent most of the weekend helping them move out their basement into a storage unit. We've ended up with a couple bags of 2T baby clothes (twins so double outfits!) and a few baby lifejackets.
Matt and I were supposed to go ziplining this weekend. Somehow instead of printing off directions to Grafton, the directions sent us to Mount Olive. Needless to say, it was a bust...4 hours in the car with nothing to show for it. When we got home, Matt headed down to help them move the last few items and help sandbag. AR and I headed down to visit for a bit this afternoon. This John Deere tractor hadn't been moved yet and AR loved it!
She sat on it turning the wheel back and forth and cackling the whole time.
But once Daddy started pushing her around, she REALLY loved it! She thought her Daddy was a good motor. 
Then Daddy let go and it was all AR!
Once she can reach the pedals, we'll have to borrow this. As for our friends, the latest news is that the water might miss them but that doesn't factor in the rain tomorrow night. Say a prayer for them!


Jenni-Bee said...

Such great pictures!

Meg said...

Love that tractor! Its a given that C will have one someday considering what her Daddy does for a living!

Prayers for your friends. We're worried about the water too.