Friday, April 26, 2013

My Picasso...

...this past Saturday, I decided to try a project with AR that I'd seen on Pinterest. It was simple and I wanted to do it at AR's birthday party. You simply mix flour, water and food coloring and voila-paint that's okay to eat because we all know 1 year olds put everything in their mouth. Apparently, so do dogs. We barely made one stroke on the paper when Shadow started licking the "paint" off the paper.
And off the paintbrush...
So then AR decided to taste it...
And accidentally got some on her foot, too.
Emma watched on from a distance thinking how cray-cray they were...
Ta-da! A masterpiece...until Shad licked it off.
AR decided why not finger paint!
And mix colors!
Or better yet, let me just feed it to my doggie...
Here, Shad, you don't have enough on your head like me...
There, much better...
Not sure how this project turned from painting paper to her body but it did!
Definitely fun and easy project to do although it didn't really stick to the paper much. I would recommend not doing it around a hungry dog, too. Although it was fun, I think we'll pass on this for the birthday party so we'll keep looking for a different activity.

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Jenni-Bee said...

LOVE the pictures! I literally laughed out loud at the progression of the story. :-) I might have to trythis out with Emma!