Monday, April 8, 2013

Diaper Derby!!!

...this past Saturday, AR and I met up with Jenni, Emma and her parents at the Home Show. They were having a Diaper Derby aka crawling contest at noon. We got there about 10:30, Jenni and her family earlier, because they were only taking the first 20 babies that registered. Emma and AR were spots 1 and 2.
Emma was in the first heat against Minnie Mouse. Her mom was her "launcher" and Jenni was the "caller." Emma and Minnie just wanted to play though! After they got going, Emma won her heat.
AR was in the third heat. Papa Brink was her "launcher" and I was her "caller." You could use one item to coax them to you. I used her Cheerios and as soon as he let her go, she took off! One Cheerio flew out and AR picked it up and ate it when she got to me.
Then we had the final heat (there ended up being only 6 kids that registered). It was AR, Emma and another baby. AR took off fast but instead of going for the Cheerios, she was going for Jenni's phone! Emma wasn't too far behind her and I think the 3rd baby barely moved. Her mom said she got scared and froze up. Here are all the winners which this picture will be in the Post sometime this week so we're winners AND celebrities!
Maybe our girls should get on a Diaper Derby circuit, what do you think? Oh and did I mention that AR won a $100 Visa gift card for first place and Emma got a $50 one! 


SLESE1014 said...

adorable...and way to go AR for earning $100 :) That's so cool.

Jenni-Bee said...

AR can boogie! It was so cute to see her just scoot on down like it was nothing! I felt so bad for that little boy doing the military crawl. Lol. They were all so cute too. Makes me want 100 babies. Haha!

Sara said...

Hahahaha! Wow! GO AR!! That's so awesome!