Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cooking Desserts!!!

...on Saturday, my stepsis and her family from Utah came over for pizza and playtime with AR. Before they got there, Nana whipped up some desserts...French Cherry Delight and Chocolate Éclair cake-yum! Nana is not doing very good for my diet.
AR wanted to help so we assigned her to be the supervisor, she did a very good job
And she sweet talked Nana into sharing a graham cracker or two with her.
AR tasted the cherry dessert later and she was a fan!
AR has turned into quite the flirt. Here she is with the Nboom Boys:
She really liked Uncle Pat who would give her horse rides on his leg.
Anyone need a kitchen supervisor? AR would be happy to help and at the low cost of just a few graham crackers!

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