Friday, July 26, 2013

St. Charles County Fair 2013...'s fair time again! Daddy went out there and camped all week. AR and I went out on Tuesday and this afternoon to visit him. Luckily, the weather has been fantastic this year! I know in a few years, we'll be up there entering craft projects and fruit and then a few years after that, we'll be showing steers...I just hope we stay away from showing the smaller animals like chicken and rabbits. They're cute but I don't want them at my house. At least with a steer, they'll "live" somewhere else and AR will just have to go there to take care of him. Anyways, on to the pics!
When we first arrived on Tuesday, Daddy greeted us in the Bobcat so AR jumped on and went for a ride.
Then Daddy took us for a ride on the Mule...she loved this. The majority of the time we were there, we were riding in the Mule. She quickly got obsessed with the key when we were parked...taking it out, putting it in.
Big girl "driving" by herself
On Tuesday, we tried to lay down in the camper for a nap but new environment, lots of people meant no nap. While we were waiting for Daddy to finish dinner, AR laid down on the picnic table to rest.
This is on Friday, more driving in the Mule
She even steered! We were in the lower parking lot where no one was so Daddy let her steer and she enjoyed it.
Then she found the horn...
Big girl steering!
Did you know the fair has lots of toys to play with? They're called rocks. AR would pick up the big ones and hand them to me then take them back and throw them down and repeat.
We walked over to the rides but AR was too short to ride any wides, including the ferris wheel. There was one ride she was short enough for but there was no way she would have ridden it alone. So here's she's telling her daddy to come on and get off the phone.
Daddy bought her boots for the fair. She looked so cute in them but unfortunately, they fell off...a lot. Here's Daddy putting them back on for who knows what # of times this was!
AR spotted this fluffy thing, an angora rabbit, and asked to pet him
We checked out our friends steer and AR petted him. We also saw some pigs and she was about to pet him when he snorted right in her face and then she had to be carried through the rest of the pig barn.
She was so excited to see our friend, Lee from Texas! At first, she was bashful but then recognized him and gave him a big hug. Last summer, Lee worked with Matt so he got to see her a lot when she was a little bitty baby. We've seen him a few times since he's moved back and AR always gives him a big smile and hug.
Lee is great with kids. I think he's one of 10 (maybe more!). Some of his brothers and sisters came up from Texas for the fair. AR fell in love with 2 of his brothers! One had on suspenders and kept tickling AR which she laughed hysterically. Then this guy would pick her up by the arms and set her down. Then she'd sign more for him to do it again! Both of them pulled her right up into their laps and played with her.
Next year, maybe we'll be brave and stay overnight in the camper with Daddy...


Shawna said...

I love her boots and sunglasses

Faith said...

She's gotten so big! Chickens are super easy! I love having them.

Jenni-Bee said...

Awww! I so wish we had the time to go. Maybe next year! I can't believe how much she has grown in just the couple weeks since we've seen her!