Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saale Farm Tour with Monsanto...

...Last Thursday, Liz invited me to visit Monsanto and Saale Farm to find out more about sweet corn. We're big corn lovers at our house so of course I was in!!! It was a perfect July day with almost no humidity-score! Not only did I learn about sweet corn, and get to sample it, but I got to spend the day with my bloggie friends: Liz and Meg. When I showed AR this pic of us on the John Deere tractor, she was totally jealous.

After breakfast at Monsanto, we headed to Saale Farm and were greeted by Roscoe. Say hi Roscoe!

Julie from I Like Beer and Babies found a frog and was the only one of us moms brave enough to touch it.

Hey Froggie! I like to admire you from a distance, thank goodness for zoom!

We got to see some of the behind the scenes operation including this grain truck which all the kids thought were pretty cool.

While we waited for the bus to load, I took some "senior pics" of Megan.

What do you think? Next John Deere model?

The tour moved out to the field where we saw soy beans, field corn, and sweet corn. I've always said I didn't like soy beans until I found out they helped move chocolate smooth and now I'm a huge soy bean fan! Field corn is used for feed, gas, cornstarch, and a variety of other items. Sweet corn is just deliciously sweet and you can eat it right off the stalk...which we did!

This is Adam, our tour guide and farm owner, from Saale Farm who was great and passed on excellent information.

After chatting with Adam, we were sent into the fields to pick our own sweet corn-yum!

This was the very bottom of the stalk which I thought looked really cool.

Mmm!!! Corn still on the stalk, looking beautiful and delicious!

Playing around with our ears!

Look at all that corn I got to bring home and yes, we had it for dinner that night!

So we passed a cake on our way there and the bus was kind enough to stop and let me get a picture with it! Thank you Greg and everyone else on the bus for making the pit stop.

When we got back to Monsanto, they were having a farmer's market. I want to work at Monsanto! They have a childcare facility on sight, a farmer's market where you can eat the corn straight from the cob, and an amazing cafeteria!!!

Look, my Coke told me to enjoy it with my MIL!

It was a very informative day especially since I knew almost nothing about Monsanto before the day started. Not to mention, my girl was VERY excited about corn for dinner!


Kevin and Katie said...

I'd be interested in what Monsanto had to tell you. I would also make sure to do your research before you consider working there.

Alyssa G said...

Here is a link to some info they shared