Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Maryland Heights Aquaport...

...Last Thursday, we checked out another stop on our Splash Pass: Maryland Heights Aquaport! This place alone is worth the Splash Pass because it would have been $25 for H, AR, and me to go ($15/adult and $10/child for non-residents; 2 and under free). It is worth the money though, we spent the entire afternoon there!

They have a child area that is zero entry and spray features to the far left. There's also a slide which was a little too fast for AR's liking so she skipped that.

My little fish didn't spend much time here though, she was ready for the big pool!

I apologize these aren't great pics but right below is a zero-entry that goes out to about four feet. We spent most of our time there. The giant yellow slide in the background was a good in-between for not little kids but not quite ready for the bigger slides either. There's also a lazy river that circles this and we enjoyed that too. My only complaint about ALL lazy rivers is that when I'm in it, I want to be LAZY. This means I don't want the buckets of water or colossal sprays of water pelting me. I just want to lay back and relax but I know, most kids would think that was boring so yeah, I get it but still!

To the left of the kid area is some water slides and that yellow/blue thing is a giant toilet bowl. No, literally, you go down the blue slide then circle around the bowl and it drops you out in a catch pool. I've rode one of those YEARS ago but the drop was much further. None of us did it this visit.

The bathrooms were nice, lots of space and privacy. They also had trash cans nearby which was awesome (I hate walking around trying to find a trash can for a wet swim diaper or worse, having to take it home). We went on a Thursday and it was slightly chilly out so it wasn't too crowded. Overall, the three of us give it five stars!!!

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Slamdunk said...

Agreed--that does defeat the idea of "lazy river" if you feel like you are dodging constant water pours and splashes.

Enjoying all the water places you all go. We are pretty boring--just the creek or one other big pool.