Saturday, May 16, 2015

AR's Third Birthday Party!!!

...My sweet baby turns three on Monday and I just want to cry at how quickly time is going by but we'll save that post for her actual birthday. Today was her big birthday party! I totally went low key this year. The last two years, I went all out, being Ms. Pinterest hostess with the moistest, and then this year, I'm like, she doesn't care about banners and cutest food. The girl just wants to be with her friends and eat cake so that's exactly what we did!

I was off work on Friday so Nanny, AR, and I got things ready for the big party. First we grabbed some lunch at R.T. Weiler's and AR got to eat her lunch out of a dog bowl!
Lunch in a dog bowl! #ARturns3
We booked a church that has an indoor playground, brought in a cake, punch, and some other snacks and let the fun begin. The theme was Care Bears so her cake had a rainbow on it and then I printed off some Care Bear toppers to go with the theme. Here's AR adding them to her cake.
Let's talk about the cake for a moment. Costco cake, mmm love it! Super cheap, super delicious... I ordered the cake to be picked up at 10:30AM on Saturday. We had to be at her party place at 11:10AM. I get to Costco at 10:15AM, search the cakes, no AR's. Long story short, they couldn't find it!!! Luckily, they were able to whip one up real quick and even gave me a few bucks off. Even after sitting out for an hour, it was a little frozen in the middle but no one complained. Although they forgot, it was handled really well and I left happy, a few minutes behind schedule, but happy.
She was so pumped to have all her friends play with her! Of course, getting them all to look at the camera at the same time=IMPOSSIBLE!

My sis and H came and dropped off AR's big present at our house. I can't wait for her to open it on Monday!!!
I tried to get a pic of AR with each of the her friends. This is a little boy from her class who wasn't too thrilled about having his picture taken unlike my little hambone!
These are all the kids from the sitter's including the newest addition who will start in July! Beau wasn't too happy to leave though... most of the kids weren't. It was an awesome place!
All the kiddos that came to celebrate AR turning three!
OMW-she LOVED everyone singing to her, just look at that face!!!
Making a wish!
This thing was super tall and AR was all over it. She could have stayed there and played all day!!!
"Hi, Mommy!"
G-Fam Pic
Mommy and AR... I love this girl more and more every day. She is the sweetest and nothing beats when she leans over at dinner and says, "Mommy, I love you!" I hope those things never change.
AR is blessed to have such special people in her life. We loved being able to celebrate with all her friends and the family celebrations are still to happen. A big thanks to everyone who came, AR had a blast, and of course, we had to start playing with gifts the second we got home!
Side note: I only let AR have water or milk. We had punch at her party and I let her have some. You would've thought I gave her a million dollars!!! It was such a special treat for her and she kept telling me how yummy it was. It's the little things...


Jen at And Hattie Makes Three said...

We had a blast - thanks for having us! Next year H will be able to run with the big kids! :)

Slamdunk said...

Three? No way. Happy birthday tomorrow then!

Julie said...

Not going to lie, I was waiting to see Pinterest stuff but ya know, as long as she had a blast, that's all that matters :)