Thursday, May 7, 2015


...This past Sunday, my sister, H, AR, my friend from high school, Laura, and I bathed in sunscreen and headed to Busch Stadium. They had a pretty sweet giveaway so we got there when the gates opened, caught some of the Cards' players on the field practicing, ate a free popsicle, then found our seats. They were pretty close but they were really HOT! I swear my child ate like four cups of ice (which you can get for free at any concession stand).

Here's the gang before the start of the game. AR loved those bars in the middle until about the eighth inning when the usher told her to move. She also accidentally squirted water on the lady in front of her, coughed water out her nose, but overall, she was pretty good. She still gets in free but she kept yelling at my sister for sitting in her seat (#2 because that's her age!).

Me and my girl

The Moms' Club!

You can post pics on Instagram or Twitter with #CardsFanGram so I sent this one in...

...and we made the big screen-twice!

Of course the game went into extra innings! My dad texted to see if we were still there. This is us in the 13th (obviously we don't know how to do that with our fingers!) proving we were there because we were raised right and you don't leave a game before it's over!

With our sweet swag!

And the best part? We brought home a winner!!!

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Julie said...

Busch is funny with their ice because if you buy a drink, they will only do one scoop of ice and if you ask for more they will refuse it, saying its the rules YET you can get ice chips and eat as much as you want.

Glad you had fun!