Monday, January 16, 2017

The Great Ice Storm of 2017

Last weekend, they started calling for a huge ice storm to hit STL this weekend. Luckily, I'd already taken off work on Friday so when I picked AR up from school on Thursday, we went straight to the grocery store and headed home. There was a bit of a commotion in the park directly behind our house so it was an interesting way to start off our weekend but without going into detail, AR and I are fine and thank you to everyone that texted or called to check on us. After that, we hunkered down for the long haul, charging all devices, and expecting the worse.

Friday we woke up and nothing had started yet. Around mid-morning, the driveway started getting slick and we had finished watching our first movie. A friend of ours texted around 1 or 2, checking in on us and seeing if we needed anything. I told him we were all good but thanks for checking. A couple hours later, his girlfriend texted, asking if they could come over and hang out. So they came over with their dog, cooked dinner, salted our driveway, and watched AR's amazing dance show. Let me sidebar here and talk about this friendship. It was a completely unexpected one that has grown into more of a family bond than a friendship one. They have been a true blessing to us and just like God proved to me last year with the people he placed in our lives, they crossed our paths at a time that couldn't have been more perfect. We love J & D and we're going to miss them when they move in the next month(s). AR and I promise, J, that we'll take care of D until she leaves, too. We love you guys so much and are grateful for everything you've done for us! Just remember as AR says, we'll always be besties for life!

Saturday morning we woke up and the driveway, roads, sidewalks all looked completely fine. After being cooped up for 24+ hours, we decided to brave it. We headed to 7-11 then dropped a card off at the police station to thank them for their work at the park last Thursday. After that, we headed over to our friends' house to drop off a card which turned into a two-hour playdate and lunch at Chick-Fil-A. It was exactly what the girls needed!!! I even learned that if CFA isn't busy, they'll let the girls make their own ice cream cones. Plus, we all need to pause and check out my little one's outfit she's got going on skating dress, high heels, and pants... God, I love her fashion sense and creativity!


Sunday we were supposed to get the worse wave of ice but the temperature had warmed up so it was just a muddy mess. Monday AR was out of school for the holiday and this momma said we're getting out of the house! Unfortunately, all my other mom friends had to work but our swim lesson buddy's nanny, TT, who we also love, loaded up all four of the kids and met us at Monkey Joe's. 

This was our first time at Monkey Joe's. I'll be honest, I'd been avoiding it because I thought it was way too expensive. A couple weeks ago, I stopped in to buy a gift card for a birthday party and checked out their prices. Compared to the other inflatable place, it's really not that bad considering there's no time limit. I went ahead and purchased the 10 jump pass. It was 10 visits for $75 with no expiration date. With spring break coming up and the hot summer months, I figured that was a good purchase and something that Nanny can do with her out of the heat. There were also TONS of inflatables, lots of space, tons of places for parents to sit, and free wi-fi, that's always a win for me!

Today was a great way for all the kids to burn off that pent up energy, look at how red their faces are. Thanks TT for coming out to play with the kids!


AR ran into a friend from school so we stayed a little bit longer. This author momma took out her computer and got some formatting done for her upcoming release. It's not the most traditional place to write but hey, whatever works, right? This is definitely multi-tasking at it's finest!


So there you have it, we survived the great ice storm that never was! 

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