Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ice Skating Fun!

Last spring AR went ice skating for the first time. It was pretty awful. She only lasted about ten minutes and cried pretty much the entire time. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when we went to see her friend in her ice skating show and AR has been begging to go again. I was reluctant but we had talked about it since the last time and she had a better attitude about it so I agreed. We were supposed to go Thursday night with one of my co-workers but I was dying and had to postpone it. AR was disappointed and although I wasn't feeling 100% on Friday, I couldn't let her down again so I sucked it up and we headed out to Lindenwood Ice Rink in Wentzville. For $18 we got two hours of skating, I predicted that we'd only stay about 20 minutes but we made it 1.5 hours!!! There were lots of teenagers there that were willing to take pictures for us so one took this pic of us and I texted our family and friends and said "pray for us!"


This was AR skating last spring. I think she did pretty well but she was upset because she kept falling to which we had a whole conversation about how everyone falls and if we fall just get back up. She also didn't like "marching" which is what the kids told her to do because that's how you learn.

Luckily today they had skate aides or scooters. AR insisted she didn't need one and that she was going to be able to skate and spin without any help. I love her confidence but I still snatched one up and it was a good idea because we both used it.


I was a little bit of a hunchback but hey, I needed it as much as her!


We could use it together, too. Sometimes, AR got on the other side and skated "backwards."


Look at her, she's a boss on that thing moving all over the ice in seconds! She really did look like a pro with it.

Here's me using it, my videographer could use a little more experience.

Us skating together!

The scooter really helped her confidence. She actually skated without the scooter quite often too.


Super proud of my girl!


Here she is skating with no help but close enough to the wall just in case.

She had a blast!!! She only had maybe 3 major falls and hopped up every time with no tears! The last time she fell, she started crying about something not even skate related and I knew it was time to go. She did awesome, I can't say how pleased I was with the entire experience.


She said she was going to do spins and she did!

Overall, it was just an awesome afternoon!


And to prove it wasn't all rainbows, here's a wipe out video!

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Julie said...

I'm all wall so super proud of you AR!