Saturday, December 6, 2008

Silly doggies...

...that's exactly what my two pups are-silly doggies! Since Matt and I both now have full-time AND part-time jobs, we haven't eaten dinner together since last Monday night which was....SURPRISE-leftovers!!! So today, I had to work my FT job this morning then we both had to go work our PT jobs so we decided we'd have a nice lunch together (yummy deer steak!). So while we were waiting for lunch to finish, my 100lb black lab decided to jump up and give me a hug! I can't believe we're almost the same height! Isn't he cute?

On a side note, we are his third (and final home) but look at this face, who wouldn't want him? I mean his worst trait is that he wants you to love him, he's always trying to get in bed or slowly climb in your lap. About 8:30 on a Friday evening, Matt's friend calls asking if he knew anyone that wanted a three-year old black lab. The friend was getting kicked out of his house and had to find a home for all their animals. Matt gets off the phone, comes in the room I'm in and in his sweetest, biggest puppy dog face says, "Baabe...." I told him to give me 20 minutes alone so I could think about it. We'd been talking about getting another dog because Matt felt outnumbered by Emma and I and I think he felt leftout because Emma and I were so close. I agreed and we went to get him. The first day, I'd laid some hamburger in the sink to thaw. I was in the bedroom getting dressed and here comes Shadow with the hamburger meat in his mouth. He brought it right too me and didn't try to eat it so it was hard to not laugh. A couple weeks later, he had a seizure which scared the beejezus out of me! Then in August, we found out he had heartworms. He's doing good now, we won't know until about March if he's in the clear from them but I'm so glad he's a part of our family now even though he is pretty crazy and loves to eat birdseed.
Now I'm not one to play favorites so here's a, we should say attempt, of Emma and I. Once again, her biggest problem is that she wants to love you-notice the blurred snout on her, that's because she's giving me kisses. Emma is a great dog too. We got her from a free ad in the newspaper which turned out to be more like a puppy mill so my mom took her thinking we'd at least clean her up and find her a good home. Well, you know how those stories go and she's now a part of the family although she almost didn't get to stay. Talk about dogs that love to chew...that would be Emma. At our old house, we had a screened in porch that the dogs stayed on when we left. Emma slowly ate everything on that porch until there was nothing left on it and there was A LOT on it!?! So she lived at my mom's house until she was two being "the red-headed step-dog" because the other two dogs were black and so she was the outcast. Then I graduated college and moved to SC and in my biggest puppy dog eyes, I asked my mom if I could take Emma with me. She agreed and this was probably the best choice ever for both Emma and me. We lived out there for about 1.5 years but while we were out there, it was just us learning to be in the "real world" together and being each other's family. We spent holidays, birthdays and sick days together taking care of each other. I always ask my mom if she thinks Emma would have rather stayed with my mom or me and my mom always says, "She wouldn't be happier anywhere else but with you."
So that's the story of my "kids" and how they came to be a part of our family. I know most all of you out there like dogs so I thought you would enjoy this post plus people only comment when I add pictures! Hope everyone had a great weekend and spent some quality time with their dogs!


Anonymous said...

Awwww, I love your furbabies!!

LucyinStLou said...

What a great post! Your doggies are adorable.