Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Story of Us...

...happy Two Year Anniversary of our First Date! So the story of us...here goes! This is all very ironic and a story full of fate. So back in spring 2006, I was working at the front desk with a friend/co-worker, Mel. It was SLOW and we were BORED! So we decided to play MASH and all those fun girly games...great idea except I wasn't dating, interested or talking to anyone SO who would I put down? Well, Mel starts telling me about this guy named Matt and he becomes the object of my MASH fun that day. After that day, she starts telling me that I really should meet him and we'd be great and all those fun things you say to get someone to go on a blind date. So about a month and a half later, it was Cinco de Mayo and (hold on to your seats...this gets romantic) I'm standing in line for the Port-a-Potty and this guy is standing in front of me. I had seen him earlier but thought he was with a different girl so I casually start making conversation and during the conversation I figure out that this is MASH MATT!?! OMG! So the night goes on, we danced, talked and drank and nothing came of that night. Mel tried a couple other times to get us to go out and we were in a couple of group settings but fast forward to December 2006. We FINALLY go on our first date!!! Dinner, comedy club and then to BWW for drinks...I loved how everyone casually had to leave so that it was just Matt and I talking. We had a great night, chatted, got to know each other, gave each other a hug and I gave him my number. WELL, Mr. Matthew let the three-day rule expire so I was like great he's not interested but we really did have a GREAT time but at the same time, I tried to tell myself it was the holidays and he was busy. So two weeks go by and I finally just tell Mel give me his number and I CALLED HIM! The rest is history and now I'm Mrs. Matthew!

Here is one of the first pics of us together. I'm not real big on taking pictures together because I think it will jinx stuff so Matt is probably the only boyfriend I have pictures with.

Here we are 1 year ago today when we got engaged (FYI-this is a totally staged picture and Matt had no idea what I was doing).

And here I am with my pretty husband on our wedding day (I love this picture because I think it truly captures how in love we are).

So happy two year anniversary to us! I love you Mattie!


LucyinStLou said...

Such a sweet story! Did you ever find out why he didn't call right away?

Cecilia said...

Yeah, I was wondering why he didn't call either. Very cute story. What are the odds?!?!?! You're right, the last pic is very sweet. Happy Anniversary!!!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

He didn't call because he claims he didn't know the three-day rule and said "I really was going to call." No good excuse...he's a guy!