Friday, January 2, 2009


...year in review-photographic style!

January: We gained a new member in our family named Shadow. I think he's put on some pounds since coming to our house. We love you Shadie!!!
February: A huge ice storm hits Cape and this enormous tree falls on my mom's house. Matt went down one weekend on his own to try to help out but she ended up having to get a CRANE to remove it from her house. Then Matt and I went down and helped clean up the debris.
March: My birthday! And Easter too! This Easter, we found out that Emma likes to hunt eggs. My dad...err the Easter Bunny hid eggs outside for us but we were missing one when we got inside then Emma came over and set one down at my feet!

April: Started getting ready for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, etc...and Matt put a flagpole up in our front yard! Happy birthday to Mattie this month too!
May: I got my Masters!!! Here I am getting hooded!

June: The big flood of '08 came and hit our friend's house...HARD! Matt helped them move everything out and we both went/rode in a boat to check on the house with him. Here Matt is in their backyard on the playset.

July: FAIR TIME! Matt's favorite time of the year! Haley came one night to the fair and here she is with her favorite uncle. She was afraid of the butterfly but excited Matt was holding it.

August: Wedding time! Here we are at our friends, Paula and Nathan's wedding.

September: Matt decided it was time to take down that gumball tree in the front yard!

Ta-da! Finished!
October: Married the man of my dreams!!! I love you Mattie!
After our fairytale wedding, he took me on a suprise honeymoon to Negril Jamaica mon! I absolutely LOVE this picture!

November: Hunting time!!! Mattie filled the freezer for us. Hopefully next year I'll get to help fill it too!
December: Christmas time and Mattie had the honors of carving the ham at my dad's house!

As I look through ALL the pictures I have of the year, I realize I was very lucky to spend so much time with my friends and family this year and my have I changed a lot in looks in just one year! I also look at things and think, whoa! that wasn't even a year ago!!! Happy New Year everyone!


Savvy Mode SG said...

ahh... i want to adopt a new dog. we had to put ours down last x-mas. : (

Kat Fish said...

I want a dog too. Maybe i'll start looking again. I miss my little winston. :-( whaaaaa
Happy New Year lyssie. Matt is so cute. I just love that boy.