Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Black Dress Night...

...what a night! Everyone looked great in their black dresses and the bride in all white. My shoes made it through Main Street but didn't make it to the Landing-I had to break out the flips for that. I am super pale and need a tan. I felt old old old...only three of us at the party were married and the rest were like 21 or 22 on their first bachelorette party ever!!! Here is a pic of Josie, her sis Haley and me then full length of Josie and I so you can see our shoes. OH! And a pic of my knee that I scratched in the garden right before I started to get ready and couldn't get it to stop!!!

It was a lot of fun although my husband doesn't know how to work his phone. Then I had brunch at Wine Country Gardens in Defiance with the females in Matt's was fun and delicious and we found out one of his cousin's is preggers. Then I went to a dance recital for work thinking oh I'll just hand out programs and collect money-NOT!!! Power went out for an hour! We were about to move locations then the power came back on so we had to combine the shows, people didn't get their original seats, I'm sure I'll have a million unhappy voicemails tomorrow and its week 2 of camp!!! So much for a fun, relaxing weekend! Here's to another week...I'm exhausted already!

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