Saturday, June 20, 2009

Commercials Really Work... Matt and I have been hardcore cleaning the house today (broke out the new carpet cleaner and everything!). So we've had the tv on in the background and the Domino's commercials just sounded so good! We gave in to their marketing and ordered the new bread bowls and check out what happens when you order online.

How flippin' cool is that!?! Matt is vaccuming in the hallway and I kept updating him, "They're preparing it right now!...It's in the oven!...Dustin (yes, they tell you the name of the delivery person) just left with the pizza!" The bread bowls were yummy and HUGE! I couldn't even finish mine. Anyways, I was pretty amazed by it so I thought I would share.


Angie said...

lol. This reminds me of the website where you can track your flight, and it shows where you are in the air at all times. Technology is pretty crazy!

Cecilia said...

I knew you can track your packages you ship. I had NO idea you could track your food. Crazy!! But cool.