Sunday, June 14, 2009

District Deputy... grandma and I (although I'm not quite active yet) are members of Eastern Star. It is part of the Masons and as I describe, it's kind of like a sorority for older women although you only have to be 18 to join. Anyways, this past year, my grandma was the District Deputy for Missouri. So Friday night, they had an entire program honoring just HER!!!

Here is my grandma with the flowers we sent her-I can't deny her, I look exactly like her. At least Matt knows what he'll be getting in 50+ years.

The theme this year was Raggedy Ann and Andy so these two little old ladies dressed up like them. "Andy" turned 96 this weekend!!! I hope I'm able to cross dress at age 96!

Turns out little Miss Hay Hay has a deathly fear of any dress up people including Raggedy Ann and Andy. I've seen this child throw tantrums before but when Ann and Andy walked in she was screaming for her life!!! Matt was her hero protecting and shielding her from them. Here she is with Hero Matt.

Congrats Grandma!!! We love you!

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Angie said...

My grandma was an Eastern Star too!