Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Study time... Matt has started his summer class and its an online class. It's pretty tough and a lot of work! So Shadow decided to help him out while Matt started his quiz for you can see Shadow wasn't much help.

On another note, Shadow...he has learned how to open the gate in the backyard. He's gotten out twice this week and we've got him no problem. Yesterday, I told Matt we don't need to leave them in the backyard anymore until we can get the gate fixed. Like any loving husband, he didn't listen and I come home from work to see Emma standing in the driveway and the gate open (what a good dog Emma!). I throw the car into park and I'm about to run inside to see if Shadow was inside when this lady in a van pulls up and yells, "Do you have a big black dog?" I say yes and she she's, "Here's over here!" I think she means between our house and the neighbors then she yells again, "No in my van!" OMG!!! She opens the door and there's Shadow in the backseat with her little girl. She said she saw his tag but it didn't have an address on it so she was going to take it to the Humane Society (why she wouldn't call the number on his tag first???). So I thank her and then brat Shadow wouldn't get out of the van! I had to grab his collar and pull him out THEN Matt shows up. Good thing my mom was here or I would have laid into him HARDCORE!!! I was so upset, why is Shadow trying to run away? We treat him well, feed him, love him, shoot-he gets more of the bed than I do!!! As I type this, he's passed out ON the couch. I'm so glad I pulled up for that lady to talk to me because I would have been freaking out if we went to search and we couldn't find him!?! But all is well that ends well...I'm headed to bed wit him and Emma for the night. Is it the weekend yet???


Cecilia said...

Dogs are like kids. They do things because they can. No rhyme or reason. Well, that's my philosophy anyway. LOL. What a stinker to not get out of the van!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I'd be so pissed at Chad, LOL.

And Butch always tries to run away too. Anytime the front door is open, he's got his eye on it, and if he sees an opportunity, he shoots right out. I try to tell him how good he's got it at our house, but he just doesn't seem to understand. ;)