Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Artichoke's Heart" by Suzanne Supplee

...I recently finished another young adult book. It was Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee.

Summary: Rosemary is an overweight high school girl with no friends, no social life and in love with Mr. Reese's, Mr. Snickers and anything else that is bad for you. Her mother and aunt nag her constantly about losing weight but, as we all do, the more someone tells us to do something, the more we resist. Rosemary's mother is diagnosed with cancer and she begins to turn her life around. Between Christmas and the end of the school year, Rosemary looks 45 pounds, gains a best friend and even a boyfriend!

Review: Let's be honest, this was no Pulitzer Prize here but it was an easy read that kept my attention. The kids in her school were REALLY mean. I'm sure my high school was the same way but I just floated in the middle crowd so I never saw it as much as some of these young adult books point out. I almost wrote this book was predictable, and yes at times it was, but I was expecting some sort of conflict with her and her boyfriend but there never really was. On the topic of her boyfriend, I also never really felt there was a true connection but that's just me. Would I recommend it? I wouldn't say go check it out today but if you want an easy read, sure go for it.

Rabbit, rabbit!

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